Zoe Antonia Bio: Wiki, Age

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Who is Zoe Antonia?

Today’s summer Hot Shots come to you from across the pond where British Zoe Antonia wore a tiny swimsuit while traveling in style with a Mercedes G Wagon through the daring streets of Knightsbridge, London.

When Zoe Antonia isn’t looking for dynamite while in a luxury vehicle, she likes to rock at music festivals… especially EDM music, modeling the latest looks on your social media and have big plans ahead of you, including moving to Los Angeles!


This year’s summer Hot Shots come to you a little differently… we’ve partnered with smoke shows from around the world to create some mind-blowing photo galleries with a touch of DIY (social esttachment, obvious!) For you to enjoy.

Be sure to check every day this long weekend to see what beauties are warming up on Labor Day weekend!

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