Valentina Victoria: Net Worth,Wiki,Biography,Age,Nationality

Who is Valentina Victoria? Valentina Victoria aka (Valentina Sampaio) is a Brazilian model and actress who was born on December 10, 1996. In August 2019, she became Victoria’s Secret’s first openly transgender model, and in 2020, she became the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s first openly transgender model.


  • Age Range:20-25
  • Ethnicities:White / European Descent
  • Height:5’5″ / 165cm
  • Weight:130lbs / 59kg
  • Build:Average
  • Hair:Blond
  • Eyes:Hazel

She is well-known on YouTube for her fashion and clothing-related videos.

In addition, Valentina works as a fitness model.

Valentina Victoria currently does not have a Wikipedia page.

She does, however, have a Twitter bio with over 12.4k followers. Valentina is also a TikTok content maker with the handle @valentinavictoria15. Over 2.4 million people have seen one of her most popular videos.

Valentina Victoria may be found on Instagram at @itsvalentinavictoria.

Valentina has almost 24k followers on her primary Instagram account. Likewise, she maintains a second Instagram account, @valentinavictoriayt. The model just launched a page dedicated to her followers. In fact, her second Id is followed by almost 21.5k individuals.

Valentina’s net worth as a YouTuber.

Valentina Victoria’s net worth is expected to be substantial by 2021.

Valentina has over 444k followers on YouTube and is a certified YouTuber. She primarily uploads haul and clothing try-on videos. Despite joining the site less than two years ago, her films have already received 107 million views.

Is She a Fan of Onlyfans?

Valentina Victoria is, in fact, a member of Onlyfans.

Only Victoria’s Onlyfans following get access to her exclusive material. She is a verified personality on the pornographic site with over 156.7K likes. Valentina, too, demands a monthly subscription fee of $12.99 USD.

Thousands of fanboys follow the social media celebrity online. In real life, however, Valentina Victoria’s lover or love partner remains a secret to everyone. She doesn’t talk much about her personal life aside from her digital life.

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