7 Amazing Features for Upcoming WhatsApp

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Did you know that Last week, WhatsApp introduced new features for its users globally. A few of them such as dark mode for web and Status support for Kaios are already available while other features such as animated stickers, QR codes, among others are yet to roll out.

Here’s a list of new and upcoming WhatsApp features you must know.

Facebook’s messaging platform has confirmed that all recently announced WhatsApp features will be available to all users worldwide in the coming days/weeks.

Meanwhile, the messaging platform is working on new features to bring very soon, such as support for multiple devices, among others. Here’s a list of new and upcoming WhatsApp features you should know.
New WhatsApp features

Animated stickers

Before the official launch there was a lot of talk about animated stickers. WhatsApp last week introduced animated stickers for users worldwide. The stickers will be rolled out to all users in the coming days, the company has confirmed. Playful Piyomaru is the only animated sticker that has been provisionally attached and is 2.8MB in size. However, these animated stickers have a major disadvantage. According to the current implementation, these animated stickers do not play on the loop. It is still not clear whether WhatsApp will decide to repeat these stickers or allow users to add the option.

QR codes

A new way to add someone to your WhatsApp without asking for a phone number. The feature helps WhatsApp users add someone’s phone number by simply scanning a QR code. This also helps the invitations to share groups easily. The QR feature was available long ago on Blackberry Messenger. WhatsApp has already launched QR codes. The rollout starts soon.

Dark mode for web

WhatsApp introduced the dark mode for mobile earlier this year. The web version now gets the dark theme. The feature is already available to all users worldwide. As with the mobile version on the Internet, the messaging platform has two options for a light and dark theme. Learn how to turn on WhatsApp’s dark mode on the Internet.
whatsapp animated stickers, whatsapp dark mode web, QR codes Here are all recently launched WhatsApp features (Image: WhatsApp)

Improving video calls

So far, WhatsApp has not been able to participate at the top of video calling apps. Video calling has become essential for people, especially in a world affected by Covid-19. The new version is intended to improve the quality of video calls. It also lets users maximize the video from a particular contact to full screen with just a tap.

KaiOS also gets updates

KaiOS, a Linux-based mobile operating system, is getting an update that’s been around for Android and iOS users for a while. The disappearing stories occur after 24 hours, common in apps such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., now available for KaiOS.
Upcoming WhatsApp features

Multi-device support

The multi-device feature helps users use their WhatsApp account across multiple devices. Users are available to use WhatsApp on two or more smartphones or tablets. This feature is already available on Telegram. WhatsApp has been testing the feature for some time and is expected to be released in the coming days. The messaging platform has not yet revealed a specific timeline for its release.

Self-destructing messages

WhatsApp has been testing this feature for quite some time, but has not yet revealed a release timeline. It works exactly like WhatsApp Stories of Status works and disappears after 24 hours. In short, users may soon be able to send messages that automatically disappear after a certain period of time.