Toronto Rapper Houdini: Bio, Age, Wiki

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Who is Toronto Rapper Houdini? Houdini was an up-and-coming rapper from Canada, who was shot dead in broad daylight in toronto’s Entertainment District on Tuesday.

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Houdini Age

He was 21 years old

Houdini Death, Shot and Killed

He was shot dead in broad daylight tuesday in toronto’s entertainment district, and a 15-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man were seriously injured in the shooting on Tuesday, but recovered well after being taken to the hospital . The daytime recording was another in a series of unfortunate recordings that have taken away many of the Toronto artists

Toronto police tweeted on May 26 that the shooting occurred around 4 p.m. local time on King Street West and Peter Street, just outside the Bisha Hotel & Residences on Blue Jays Way. A total of three victims were shot. Many people, including fellow rappers, have paid tribute to the rapper:

Houdini Music, Career

He started rapping when he was 15 years old, in an interview with My Better Life, explaining how he became popular in the music industry by saying, “I’m a young, aspiring artist from the Toronto neighborhood of Jane and Driftwood, where the culture for music is powerful. Music has always been fun for me. I knew some friends who were making music at the time, which made me realize that this is something I would like to pursue. I dropped some of my first songs on Sound Cloud and got a solid fan base and knew that rapping would be a long run for me. “

“His song, “Late Nights”, had more than 1 million views within a month, making him famous. Some of his popular tracks are: “Myself” and “Backseats”. He recently dropped his EP tool in the Covid-19 crisis. He said, “Man, one thing about me, I’m not having the hype. I’m not going to do anything because everybody does it. That’s why I’m different from everyone else. I’m my own man. I’ll do what I want. So people say, “Don’t go outside, because you can get corona.” I’m going to take the opportunity. I’ve been risking my whole life. ” he was planning to release the EP in the summer, but decided to do it early
Houdini Family

In an interview with Complex, he said his parents didn’t approve of his decision to become a rapper as he would have liked, because they thought it was a waste of time and energy. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer.
Houdini Police Statement

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders described the incident as “very brutal.” He said three victims were taken to a local hospital. Police said the incident appears to have been targeted and that the suspected gunmen waited about 40 minutes in their car before they caught fire.

In a statement, they said: ‘It appears that the suspicious vehicle, based on the evidence we now have, waited about 40 minutes for the occupants of another vehicle to arrive at their vehicle,’ Saunders said. ‘When they did, the suspicious vehicle made a U-turn, came out and started shooting at this group of individuals.’
Houdini Eye Witness

A witness told CP24 that he heard about 6 to 10 gunshots before police arrived at the scene. He said: “we heard like a bunch of fireworks, it was pretty shocking and then you hear all the sirens. I think a lot of people in this area also have power outages, so people were out for a walk, I guess. It’s pretty shocking to see in this area. “