Steve Hilton: Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is Steve Hilton? Steve Hilton (Steven Hilton, born 25 August 1969) is a British political commentator and used to be a political adviser. He served as director of strategy for David Cameron, who was Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in the UK during the period of 2010 to 2016. Since 2017, Hilton has been presenting The Next Revolution, a weekly current affairs program for Fox News. He is an advocate of what he calls “positive populism” and a vocal supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump. He’s the co-founder of Crowdpac.

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After graduating, Hilton worked in the Central Conservative Office, where he met David Cameron and Rachel Whitstone, who became his wife and, later, senior vice president of policy and communications at Uber. He made contact with the party’s advertising company, Saatchi and Saatchi, and was praised by Maurice Saatchi, who said: “Nobody reminds me so much when I was as young as Steve.” During this time, Hilton bought the “New Labour, New Danger” poster campaign for the Conservative campaign before the 1996 general election, which won an award from the advertising campaign magazine in early 1997. The Conservatives continued to experience their worst electoral defeat in more than half a century, with some journalists predicting that the poster was a negative contrast to Labor’s more positive campaign. In 2005, Hilton lost to future Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove in the selection process for the Surrey Heath constituency.

Hilton spoke of the need to “replace” the traditional-minded popular membership of the Conservative Party, which he saw as preventing the party from adopting a more urban stance on social issues.

Hilton allegedly said “I voted green” after Labour’s landslide in 2001, but has since worked with Cameron to rename the Conservative Party as a green and progressive party. According to The Economist Hilton magazine “still shockingly understood” there were reports that Hilton’s “blue heavenly thinking” caused a struggle in Whitehall, and according to Nicholas Watt of the Guardian, the Liberal Democrats regarded deputy prime minister Nick Clegg as a “refreshing but foolish thinker.”

Hilton was ridiculed in the BBC comedy The Thick of It like a herbal tea drinker Stuart Pearson.

His recent note relates to the call for significant cuts in the number of uk civil servants and further cuts in social care.

Hilton is the co-founder and former CEO of, a silicon valley technology startup. In April 2016, Crowdpac launched a trial service in the UK. Hilton resigned from Crowdpac in May 2018. Crowdpac also suspended fundraising for Republican candidates on its platform.

In May 2015, Hilton joined the Policy Exchange Research Center in the UK as a visiting researcher.

His book More People was published in May 2015. It calls for smaller organizations at the human level and criticizes government institutions and large corporations, including factory farms and banks. Co-author Giles Gibbons wrote Good Work: Your World Needs You, published in 2002.

He spent a year as a visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

In November 2016, he wrote to Fox News, announcing his support for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Since 2017, Hilton has presented The Next Revolution weekly show on Fox News.

He was criticized for not refuting his guest, Ann Coulter, when she falsely asserted that the registration of immigrant children separated from their parents because of the Trump administration’s crying was representative.

In March 2019, Hilton claimed that CNN, MSNBC, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper as well as Democratic Congressmen Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were “real agents of Putin” to play a role in the U.S. “division” over Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. [34]

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and shortly after the implementation of social spacing measures and closures, Hilton called on President Trump to end these measures. “Our ruling class and its television horns [because] they are creating fear of this virus,” Hilton said. “Treatment may be worse than the disease,” Hilton suggested. Or more specifically, the long-term public health consequences of the economic damage caused by the closure will be worse than the short-term public health consequences of the virus itself. Later, Trump seemed to imitate what Hilton said in one of his tweets.

Hilton is married to Rachel Wheatstone, former assistant (political secretary) to Michael Howard, former head of communications at Google, and senior vice president of policy and communications at Uber. The couple were godfathers to David Cameron’s son, Ivan, who died at the age of six. In 2019, he announced that he was in the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship.