Stacy Washington: Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is Stacy Washington? Stacy Washington is a columnist, air force veteran, political critic, and defender of gun rights who currently hosts a radio show Stacy on the Right. Known to be a devoted conservative and supporter of the Republican party and President Donald Trump, she was once a Democrat. She made a Twitter statement on Sunday that she had been suspended two days prior over her most recent column, titled “Guns and the media.”

Stacy Washington, daughter of an army officer, grew up in Germany in a Christian upbringing. She is not only a television and radio presenter, but also a wife and mother. For his education, Stacy attended Tennessee State University. She has traveled to the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Russia, among other places. She also enjoys raising funds for local causes, hanging out with family and friends, and watching his kids play sports.

Conservative writer and radio host Stacy Washington lost her column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch due to a conflict of interest around her participation in the National Rifle Association.

Publisher Tod Robberson issued a statement Tuesday night saying Washington’s “active promotional activities and professional partnership” with the NRA represented an “unacceptable conflict of interest,” which resulted in his suspension last week.

The paper said Washington decided to terminate his contract and his column wouldn’t come back.

“Columnists are expected to fully reveal conflicts of interest when they write about issues where such a conflict could arise,” Robberson wrote. “We apply this standard regardless of the pressure or defense group on which it is written in a column.”

Ms. Washington, who presents the syndicated radio show “Stacy on the Right,” announced on Twitter Sunday that she had been suspended two days earlier by her most recent column, titled “Arms and media.”

“My column about @NRA is nothing like ISIS suspended me from @stltoday,” he tweeted, including a meme of a black semi-automatic rifle and words. “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”

The curator claimed she’s not “black enough” for the Post-Dispatch. “If my views don’t match, they won’t defend themselves!” she wrote. He also said the NRA doesn’t pay him.

The column that apparently suspended her criticized Missouri School of Journalism Professor George Kennedy for a recent column in The Missourian comparing the NRA to the Terrorist Group Islamic State. Ms. Washington accused Kennedy of defaming the NRA and demonizing law-abiding gun owners.

“The bond is not only riddled with inadequate context; it’s false at first glance, ” he wrote. However, I think Missourian considered it appropriate to publish it without question, because it adapts to the ideological inclination of the opinion editor.”

A day before the Post-Dispatch announced that it would cancel Ms. Washington’s column, he published a letter to the editor calling the conservative an “accomplice” of the NRA.

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