How to Stop and Prevent Skype from Lowering Your Computer Volume

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Skype from Lowering Your ComputerLearn How to Stop or Turn Off Skype from Lowering Your Computer Volume of Everything Else in Windows 7, 10 and Mac.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where Skype suddenly drops the volume of your computer? It just happens when you’re using Skype calls and text conversation. Sometimes, you may become irritated with the default problem. If you are thinking about the problem, you should know that it is not really a problem, as it is by default. Skype does not include a separate configuration option that is the cause of the problem. It is included in Skye software for Windows only by default.  Clownfish Voice Changer

The software is instructed to work the same way in Skype calls. However, there are some possible ways to solve the problem. The process is quite manageable, so read the steps below to prevent Skype from lowering your computer volume.

1. Launch your PC and then visit the control panel when your PC finally allows it. You can search for the control panel in the search bar on Windows PC, windows 7, Windows 10, or within the options found in the Start menu windows.

how to stop skype from lowering volume

2. Click on the settings “Sound” in the Control Panel. Now, look for the “Hardware & Sound” option and the Sound option in the Control Panel window or simply from the Sound option, only if the control panel displays content in The Large Icon View.

how to stop skype from lowering volume windows 10

3. Now, in the Control Panel, select the Sound option. Here, you’ll notice a sound panel on the Windows screen that contains several separate tabs. Select the “Communications” tab in the Sound panel that is organized at the edge of each of the different tabs.

prevent skype from lowering volume

4. Immediately in the “Communications” tab, you will notice the check mark options and there you will look for the default option “Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%”. There you will find “Do Nothing” and select the “OK” button on the control panel.

how to turn off skype lowering volume

5. Now, you will notice a style difference on your PC when you start skype call. From now on, the PC volume will not decrease when you make any Skype calls.

So, these were the steps that will prevent Skype from lowering the volume of your computer’s microphone. Use Skype on your Windows PC without any difficulty from now on. It also reduces the volume on everything else iPhone or Mac. I hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, leave a comment below. You can also share this article with your friends if they also have a Skype account.