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Siouxsie Gillett: Bio, Age, Net Worth

Who is Siouxsie Gillett? Siouxsie Gillett is the presenter of Snake City, a wildlife documentary television series, along with Simon Keys. She has a Herpetology degree as well as a zoo background. Born is North London, Siouxsie may not have grown up amid the forests and countryside but that did not stop her passion and desire to work with animals. A strict vegetarian since the age of seven, aspiring to become a veterinarian, Siouxsie dedicated her time to caring for nature and taking care of all wild things.

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She is now a professional reptile scientist, specializing in deadly reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles. After years of managing zoos and exotic pet stores across the UK, Siouxsie has transformed her unique skills in dealing with deadly snakes into television and movies. Among many awards, Siouxsie was a reptile wizard for many well-known films such as the Harry Potter franchise, the Exodus films and various BBC series David Attenborough, where he worked with all sorts of different animals, from big cats and wolves to scorpions and spiders.

It was only when Simon entered into a job interview at her reptile park, their lives changed forever. Although the couple had known each other professionally through their own industries for more than 14 years, their roads were to intersect again. “As a form of nepotism, I was going to put a little extra sugar in his coffee at work, and I think it all started from there.”

Simon and Sioux now share their home together in Hertfordshire
With venomous snakes, spiders, meerkats, frogs, parrots and even crocodiles. Simon and Sioxy are passionate about working in and preserving wildlife, dividing their time between the UK and South Africa, helping to care for, rehabilitate, rehabilitate, preserve and transport animals.

They talk regularly and host natural history events and reptiles across the UK and South Africa – always passionate about educating and educating the public about the wildlife around them.