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Sigal Chattah: Biography, Wiki, Age, Issues

Who is Sigal Chattah?

Sigal Chattah (Republican Party) is a candidate for Nevada Attorney General. She will be on the general election ballot on November 8, 2022. On June 14, 2022, she advanced from the Republican primary.

Sigal Chattah: Biography, Wiki, Age, Issues


Sigal Chattah, who was born in Israel in 1975, moved to Nevada with her family when she was 14 years old. Her mother is a retired registered nurse, and her father is a retired developer. Sigal attended Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after completing Valley High School in Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Sigal started her own law firm when she moved back to Nevada. Since then, she has used her love of the law, advocacy for the Constitution, and a lot of free work to bring justice to all Nevadans.

Sigal recently noticed that the religious community in Nevada was being judged by standards that were unfair and not based on science. She went to court to fight back against Governor Sisolak.

Governor Sigal challenged Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional orders, and in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak, she prevailed before the 9th Circuit United States Court of Appeals, compelling Governor Sisolak to allow religious institutions to have the same capacity as other businesses.

Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford have failed Nevadans, but Sigal has persevered.

Due to the slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the exclusion of senior citizens as a vulnerable population with access to vaccines, Sigal filed a class action lawsuit against the Governor, demanding that senior citizens have access to vaccinations as a vulnerable population. Sigal’s class-action lawsuit on behalf of a group of senior citizens sped up the rollout of vaccines in Nevada, and Governor Sisolak lowered the minimum age for vaccinations.

Sigal has advocated for and represented Nevadans in times of need.

Sigal represented numerous consumers during the real estate crisis and market crash caused by President Obama’s Great Recession. She has served as a Planning Commissioner and a member of the State Bar of Nevada’s Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board. Sigal is active in many community groups, such as the American Heart Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Injured Police Officers Fund, the Israeli American Council, and Temple Or Bamidbar, where she is on the Board.

Sigal has spent her whole life trying to get justice for Nevadans and making sure everyone’s rights are protected. She has seen what happens when the government gets too big or when politicians are too corrupt to care.

As Nevada’s Attorney General, Sigal Chattah will continue to protect the rights of all Nevadans, no matter their wealth, gender, race, religion, or creed, just as she has for the past 20 years.

5 Things To Know About Chattah

Chattah is against reproductive freedom and wants to make it harder to vote. She has called teachers “groomers” and is against gun safety laws. She has also said horrible things about her opponent.

In a little more than two months, Nevadans will be able to vote in important statewide elections, such as the election for attorney general, that will shape the future of their state.

In this contest, Democratic incumbent Aaron Ford will face Republican challenger Sigal Chatah. Atty. and first-time political candidate Chattah has attracted her fair share of controversy, with fellow Republicans describing her as “unhinged,” “ill-prepared,” and “dangerous.”

Here are five important facts about Chattah. You can decide for yourself.

1. She opposes reproductive freedom and appeared to endorse prosecuting women who seek abortions

During a Republican primary debate, Chattah seemed to say that she would go after women who want to get an abortion.

From my perspective, it’s similar to how we apply sentencing enhancements to unborn children who are victims. I’d marry it to that, “said Chattah.

Since then, Chattah has said that her position was misrepresented and that she does not want to prosecute women.

She has also stated that she is “pro-life,” that “life begins at the time of the fetal heartbeat,” and that “if abortion is healthcare, then population control must be murder.”

Chattah’s opposition to reproductive freedom puts her at odds with most Nevada voters and puts abortion in many states in danger right away.

But abortion is legal in Nevada, and any changes to protections for abortion at the state level would need direct approval from voters.

2. Chattah wants to make it harder to vote

Chattah desires to repeal measures that make it easier for Nevadans to vote, such as the recent law that provides every Nevada voter with an automatic mail-in ballot.

She is also against Nevada’s ballot collection law, which lets voters, including seniors, people with disabilities, people who don’t have cars, and people who live in rural areas, let other people return their mail-in ballots for them.

Chattah asserts that repealing these measures would not make it more difficult to vote, only to cheat. In reality, there is no evidence of extensive voter fraud in Nevada.

3. Chattah has spread the smear that teachers are trying to “groom” children

Like many other right-wing candidates, Chattah believes that teachers, school administrators, and Democrats are trying to “indoctrinate” and “groom” children with sexual content in the classroom.

Clearly, this is false, but it is part of a larger conservative effort to pass censorship laws that restrict how schools can discuss race, sexual orientation, and identity in the classroom.

Chattah and other proponents of these proposals, which follow the manufactured “Critical Race Theory” controversy, portray them as innocent measures to give parents more control in schools. In reality, these efforts silence teachers and have created a climate of fear and mistrust among educators in a number of states, who now worry about losing their jobs or being forced to look over their shoulders while teaching.

4. Chattah opposes gun safety laws

Chattah has said more than once that she doesn’t like gun safety laws and would fight against a “gun grab” in Nevada.

She wants to put more people in jail in a state that already has one of the highest jail rates in the country.

She tweeted in July, in reference to gun violence in Illinois, “More incarceration and less legislation would work wonders.”

5. Chattah once sent a text message stating that Black Ford “should be hung from a f***ing crane.”

Later, Chattah said that the comment was made in jest and had nothing to do with race.