Segos Pumpkin : Bio,Wiki,Age,Net Worth

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Who is Segos Pumpkin?

Segos Pumpkin, whose real name is Resego Tshabadira, is a beautiful, curvy, curvy, South African plus-size socialite, model, dancer, video vixen, blogger and Instagram brand influencer.

Segos Pumpkin : Bio,Wiki,Age,Net Worth

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Full name, real name: Sego’s pumpkin real name is Resego Tshabadira.

Nickname: Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu

Nationality, country of origin: Sego’s pumpkin bagu comes from South Africa.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Segos Pumpkin was born on February 3, 1999.

Real Age: How Old Is Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu? Sego’s pumpkin is 21 years old as it was in 2020 when she celebrated her birthday.

Family, siblings, mother, father, parents: Sego’s pumpkin does not show her parents, sister, siblings on her Instagram page.

Marriage, Husband: Is Sego’s Pumpkin Married? No, Sego’s pumpkin isn’t married yet.

Boyfriend: Segos Pumpkin doesn’t show her boyfriend on her social media pages.

Baby Daddy: Who is Sego’s Pumpkin Baby Papa? Segos Pumpkin keeps her baby dad out of the media.

Single Mother: Segos Pumpkin is a single mother.

Pregnant Baby: Sego’s Pumpkin became pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth to their baby, a son aged 17.

Child, son: photos of Sego’s pumpkin son, whom she had at the age of 17.
Segos Pumpkin Bagu shared photos of her son in January 2020, writing:

Photos of Sego’s pumpkin and her son

Lesbian, Bisexual: Is Sego’s Pumpkin a Lesbian? Some think Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu might be a lesbian after sharing these photos with her friend on her Instagram page

Tattoo: Sego’s pumpkin likes tattoos and has tattooed her thigh, hand, back, body.
Height, height, measurements, hips: how tall is Sego’s pumpkin?

Surgery, Before & After: Did Segos Pumpkin Have Plastic Or Cosmetic Surgery? Are Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu Curves Natural?

Throwback photo of Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu

Net Worth: Sego’s Pumpkin makes money as a model, video vixen, and Instagram brand influencer, but Sego’s Pumpkin Bagu net worth is not available.