Robin Vaughn: Bio, Net Worth, Age

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Robin Vaughn

Who is Robin Vaughn? Robin Vaughn is a politician from the American Democratic Party, who currently serves as a counselor who represents the city of Trenton, the West District of New Jersey. She recently became the focus of media discussions after she exploded during the daily coronavirus briefing of city officials on Saturday, May 2, 2020. Vaughn exploded into a homophobic tirade against the city’s mayor, according to officials and audio from the NJ Advance Media call. Alderman Vaughn called Mayor Reed Gusciora a “pedophile.”

She also accused another city official, Joe Harrison, of performing a sex act on the city’s first openly gay mayor and called the mayor a ‘woman’ and a ‘bitch a**’. In response to the unruly behavior came a prominent New Jersey group calling for LGBTQ rights, calling on Vaughn to resign as alderman of the West neighborhood. Vaughn herself did not respond to multiple calls seeking comment on her comments.

Alderman Vaugn was born in New Jersey, United States. However, the exact date of birth of the representative of the city of Trenton is not yet known to the public. As such, it is difficult to determine her actual age or when she celebrates her birthday. Nevertheless, we will keep track of the tabs and update you as soon as this information is available.

Vaughn is a party member of the Democratic party. She has been a long-time councillor for the city of Trenton, but is now about to lose her office after last Saturday’s face !!! The outburst came shortly after a discussion about the city receiving $3 million in federal grants from the Community Development Block Grant Program.

After 20 minutes, Vaughn expressed concern about the level of involvement of nonprofits. That was the moment the mayor brought up accusations That Vaughn had made on social media regarding “funding a lot of do-nothing organizations,” Gusciora said.

‘She just spits out her hatred when she doesn’t agree with what you have to say,’ Gusciora said.

Alderman Joe Harrison tried to intervene, but instead he ended up in a shouting match with Vaughn. Harrison called Vaughn a “crazy person,” to which she replied, “Why don’t you find your father, Joe Harrison?” an apparent reference to his absent father.

This isn’t the first time Vaughn has been the subject of controversy.

In September, after Council President Kathy McBride used the phrase ‘Jew her down’ when referring to a city attorney, Vaughn quickly defended McBride’s use of the anti-Semitic insult. Vaughn then apologized, calling her defense of the comments ‘a mistake of my judgment’.