Rayn Wijaya: Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is Rayn Wijaya? Rayn Wijaya (born October 26, 1995) is an Indonesian actor best known for his role as Devon in Roman Picisan The Series and as Marvel in The Most Beautiful Light. In SCTV’s latest miniseries Magic in Love, Rayn Wijaya plays a young witch character named Ken.

Rayn Wijaya is an actor born October 26, 1995, he has been active in the entertainment world since 2006. Intan is his first TV Series.

In the recent Magic in Love series aired on SCTV, Rayn starred opposite Rebecca Klopper, Bio One, and Fay Nabila. During the miniseries Magic in Love aired on Vidio, the actor who was rumored to be close to Ranty Maria was successful in attracting the attention of the audience with his charm. In Magic in Love, Rayn Wijaya and Bio One play young witches Named Ken and Jo. Rayn’s acting as a young witch named Ken also attracts the hearts of connoisseurs of the soap opera Homeland.

Like most young stars, it certainly also stars in several FTV, among them the title, Tomato Couple. The FTV drama was also his first debut. So Rayn had her debut in the soap opera And FTV.

But the proudest thing about him is being able to participate in a big-screen cinema, which is a movie. This also materialized, the first role he got in the film 17 years and older. Despite only playing a supporting role, he was quite proud to be involved in a film.

Film is the dream of every actor, because this type of cinema demands maximum acting as well as high role abilities. Therefore being able to play a role on a big screen can increase an actor’s value.

After Rayn debuted in his first film as a supporting actor, he finally got his lead role in a horror film titled, Tumbal The Ritual. His name continues to soar and is much loved by his fans.

His debut as an actor began in 2013 in the soap opera, Ibrahim Anak Betawi. He then began to expand into the FTV series, where his first FTV drama was Tomato Couple.

Not enough soap operas and FTV alone, Rayn also played a role on the big screen. His first film was 17 years and older. The next few movies he’s starred in. One of them is titled, Earth That’s Round which aired last April.

She was previously in a relationship with Audy Marissa, but did not last long, and is now rumored to be engaged to her co-star Ranty Maria.

Not only successful in the world of performing arts, Rayn also opened a clothing line business as part of his invention, Swank-Ind.

Although born in Jakarta, Rayn is from out of town. He told me, having been interested in illegal activities, such as drugs. However, he undoes his intentions, and promises to be a very successful actor.

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