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Port Protection: Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols Bio

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Who is Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols? MichaelJiggyNichols is known for his work on Port Protection (2015).

Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach, Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols, Stuart Andrews, and Matt Carlson are among the cast members.
As winter draws to a close, residents of Port Protection face the precariousness of an Alaskan lifestyle and continue to battle Mother Nature.

Port Protection Cast:

  1. Bud Baker
  2. Jack Mason
  3. Gina Jones
  4. Kaylee Burk
  5. Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols
  6. Amanda Makar
  7. Dan Nachtrab
  8. David Squibb
  9. Stuart Andrews
  10. Timbi Porter
  11. Hans Porter
  12. Sam Carlson
  13. Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach
  14. Gary Muehlberger