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Port Protection: Kaylee Burk What Happened To Her?

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Who is Kaylee Burk?

Alaska mom Kelly Burke shows us how to make a powerful healing agent, Devil’s Club Ointment on Life Below Zero: Port Protection on National Geographic.

Arctic winter may seem magical at first glance, and with killer whales breaking through the bay alongside the city, it’s a beautiful sight – but the dangers lurk behind every corner.

Port Protection Cast:

  1. Bud Baker
  2. Jack Mason
  3. Gina Jones
  4. Kaylee Burk
  5. Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols
  6. Amanda Makar
  7. Dan Nachtrab
  8. David Squibb
  9. Stuart Andrews
  10. Timbi Porter
  11. Hans Porter
  12. Sam Carlson
  13. Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach
  14. Gary Muehlberger

To survive, this tough Alaskan must come loaded with a bear, have a gun ready, face their fears to fight against the fierce weather conditions and be prepared to deal with carnivores.

It can be a stressful place for those who are not safe in their skill sets, as they live on the edge and need to support themselves daily.

But tonight’s ending shows that this mom is so confident in her skills, she shows us how to make an effective home remedy for bruises, aches, and other minor ailments from a strenuous plant called Devil’s Club.

Kelly Burke is searching for a spine-covered plant that is called Devil’s Club with his partner Matt. She will whittle it down and reveal the soft green bark that she will then strip and collect.

Her partner Matt is a first-generation harbor protection child who grew up with his father, Sam, and was in one of his old school first grades across from Gary’s house. Matt is back in protecting the harbor with his growing family, partner Kelly, and two-year-old daughter Shipley.

Back at home, she did distillation of the soft bark stripped from this plant, using the oil to get a full extract, after cooking it and adding beeswax and shea butter to make it the ointment consistency down the road.

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