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Who Is Jack Mason? Known for its quality and passion, Texas-born watch company co-founders Jack Mason, Craig Carter and Michael Rees founded their company on the concept of bringing high-quality watches to consumers at an affordable price. Starting with two local businessmen driving from one place to another, selling their creations from Airstream along with Creative Director Peter Cho, with previous experience from the Fossil Group, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, Jack Mason has always shown a level of dedication that is unique to Its kind for watchmaking business. Created by a team with more than 50 years combined in the watch industry, the company is reviving the art of traditional watch design, by educating consumers on what makes a watch last a lifetime.

Port Protection Cast:

  1. Port Protection Alaska : Bud Baker
  2. Port Protection Alaska : Jack Mason
  3. Port Protection Alaska : Gina Jones
  4. Port Protection Alaska : Kaylee Burk
  5. Port Protection Alaska : Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols
  6. Port Protection Alaska : Amanda Makar
  7. Port Protection Alaska : Dan Nachtrab
  8. Port Protection Alaska : David Squibb
  9. Port Protection Alaska : Stuart Andrews
  10. Port Protection Alaska : Timbi Porter
  11. Port Protection Alaska : Hans Porter
  12. Port Protection Alaska : Sam Carlson
  13. Port Protection Alaska : Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach
  14. Port Protection Alaska : Gary Muehlberger

The Jack Mason team believes in the importance of honoring their Texas roots and is committed to bringing the moment of achievement to the watchmaking industry. Focused on building a watch that can be handed down from generation to generation, Jacques Mason watches are built to bring back the prestige of a family heirloom, which has been forgotten in this fast modern fashion world. With six collections and a series of limited-edition timepieces to choose from, each timepiece has become a symbol of Texas culture designed to defy the times and last for generations to come. In a word, this could be the first professional watch out of the gate and one that was built to last a lifetime!

I recently had the privilege to speak with Jack Mason President and CEO Craig Carter about DNA-rich brands, their competitive advantage in the watch market and why what men think the pursuit of watches in relation to the rise of companies.

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