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Port Protection Amanda Makar Net Worth

There’s a certain amount of romance associated with going out in “nature” and sharpening it, and there really isn’t a better place to do it than Alaska. That’s why shows like Alaskan Bush People and Alaska PD are getting ridiculous audience numbers. Even when I visited a part of the AK that I considered remote, the locals laughed and reminded me that I wasn’t in “true Alaska.”

That’s probably why people are so fascinated with Port Protection and what happened when Amanda was there.

One of the most memorable scenes, a favorite of the show’s fans, was when Amanda was brought to nature and learned to shoot. No matter what your gun ownership policies are, there is something undeniably “old-school border” in being surrounded by nothing but nature with a weapon to protect against the elements and their source of food procurement.

It was also quite enlightening to see how Amanda made her own leap, taking one more step towards self-reliance and how she got paid. Working a little to clean the green dirt off a Port Protection resident’s largest boat, she helped pay off her debt for the jump.

Seeing Amanda excited about learning how to go fishing halibut, one of the region’s most prized aquatic delights, is also entertaining to watch. She is clearly excited to learn those skills herself so she could “go out and do it all [she]” and although the cleaning work she did on the show was “disgusting”, she did the job with a smile on her face. All the time.

That’s probably why the audience was so in love with Amanda. She dedicated herself to the “off-the-net” lifestyle and earned the respect of her peers who knew that #WildernessLife.

So what happened to him on the show? She appeared in nine episodes of the show from 2015-2016 and did not appear again.

Fans noted that Season 3 on the show not only missed Amanda, but also Sam Carlson and his wife, Timbi, and wanted to know what happened to them.

Which is quite difficult to discern, this is a program about people who are moving into what is essentially the means of nothing to create an existence of their own that does not conform to the “regular” social rules.

The answer might well be in the fact that they were sick and tired of having cameras all the time, or there were contractual disputes with the network.

Typically with any series, the people featured in it decide they want more per episode for the apparition rates, and could have been reduced to the fact that Sam, Timbi and Amanda didn’t get the amounts they decided would be worth being part of reality TV.

Or maybe they were just there for a while, to get enough money for some specific tools or items they needed to get close and self-sufficient. Whatever the reason, an explanation of why they are no longer in the program has been provided. However, one thing is certain, and it is that viewers wonder where they went.

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