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Port Protection : Amanda Makar Net Worth,Wiki,Biography (Today)

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Port Protection Amanda Makar Net Worth

Who is Amanda Makar? Amanda Makar is a former Port Protection Alaska cast member.

What is the story of the program Port Protection Alaska?

Port Protection Alaska follows the life of a community attempting to survive in the arctic state of Alaska.

The approximately 100 inhabitants who live on the tough, forgiving country test the boundaries of survival by hunting, fishing, trapping, producing their own food, and building their own housing.

With no roads, government, or law enforcement, the inhabitants live in solitude and risk their lives.

“However, they believe the danger is worth the deep reward: a world of beauty with the security of community but without the restrictions of bureaucracy,” states National Geographic in the show’s concept.

What happened to Amanda when she was on Port Protection?

After season two concluded in 2016, the franchise resumed in 2018 with a spin-off series Life Below Zero.

Port Protection Alaska will return in 2020 with a completely new cast.

One of these shifts was the departure of fan favorite Amanda Makar.

Amanda said her last goodbyes at the end of season two, but many hoped it wasn’t her last on the program.

Amanda rapidly became a fan favorite throughout her time on the show due to her independence and strength.

Amanda quit the program after season two, according to NatGeo, since many individuals fled the isolated village during the show’s break.

Throughout the nine episodes she appeared in, she was able to purchase her own skip and labor around the clock to pay off her obligations for it.

According to a NatGeo spokeswoman who did not name Amanda, many residents migrated away from Alaska between filming and when the show was canceled.

However, almost as soon as people leave the little hamlet, so many new inhabitants arrive.

What is the best way to watch Port Protection Alaska?

Port Protection Alaska airs on the National Geographic channel on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Previous episodes may be viewed at by logging in with your TV provider or through the streaming service Disney+.

Port Protection Cast:

  1. Bud Baker
  2. Jack Mason
  3. Gina Jones
  4. Kaylee Burk
  5. Michael ‘Jiggy’ Nichols
  6. Amanda Makar
  7. Dan Nachtrab
  8. David Squibb
  9. Stuart Andrews
  10. Timbi Porter
  11. Hans Porter
  12. Sam Carlson
  13. Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach
  14. Gary Muehlberger

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