Persephanii (Model): Bio,Age,Biografia,Girlfriend,Nationality

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Who is Persephanii? Persephanii (born Stephanie Nelson), a.k.a Thick Yonce, is a 28-year-old American plus size model and actress. She owns a company named Aahana Vibrations, and has has worked with Fashion Nova Curve, Monif C. Plus Sizes, Brassy Bra, KLuv Curve Boutique, Small Circle of Friends, SCOF and Dolls Kill. She make reviews about bras for women with big breasts and is the Brand Ambassador for Up Where We Belong.

Persephanii (Model): Bio,Age,Biografia,Girlfriend,Nationality

Persephanii Measurements

Weight: 223 lbs / 101 kg

Bust Size 38″
Waist Size
Hip Size
Bra size 34S

Persephanii whose real name Stephanie Nelson is a model. She rose to fame through her popular Instagram page with a massive 500,000 followers and continues to grow daily.

Persephanii is a busty woman and also caters as World Treasure of fat Yoncé. She is also a vlogger and already has over 17 million views on Youtube. She has more than 134,000 subscribers to her youtube channel.

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