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Color Genomics CEO and co-founder Othman Laraki.

Color Genomics CEO and co-founder Othman Laraki.

Who Is Othman Laraki? Othman Laraki is the co-founder and CEO of Color, a health service for the population that makes it easy and affordable for people to access their genetic information to learn more about their inherited risk of cancer and heart disease. Othman realized that there was a need for an affordable genetic test and founded Color to try to solve this problem. In 2013, Othman left twitter as VP of Product to pursue a unique and radically ambitious vision: the use of clinical-grade genetic tests to create a global platform for preventive health. He and the color team have spent three years using advanced robotics and machine learning to build one of the world’s most advanced genetics labs, based on the simple idea that clinical, medically feasible tests for genetic variants are affordable and accessible enough to be worth while on a population scale can shift health care from the current (expensive, ineffective) treatment model to a model whose savings can be enormous , both in dollars and in lives.

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