Olivia Sky: Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is Olivia Sky? Olivia Sky is an American model and party host who has appeared on various magazines and music videos. She started to gain fame when she modeled for Dj Kay Slay’s magazine, Straight Stuntin magazine. Olivia Sky is currently breaking the internet after rapper Bow Wow announced that she’s his baby mama. It has been a rumor for a while until Bow Wow confirmed that on September 24, 2020.

Olivia Sky queen of Astoria Queens, NY. She’s one of four children. Olivia’s family was always known for her impeccable talents. Singing was one of them. Olivia has always wanted to be a model, but her family inspired her to become a singer. This didn’t work for Olivia because she couldn’t get over her shyness and sing in front of a crowd. Growing up, neighbors told their mother I should put Olivia in modeling. His mother’s answer was always no. He taught Olivia not to use her appearance to get what she needed in life. That said, Olivia left modeling on hold and decided to play with the clothes, putting together ensembles or adding pieces. At the age of 8 Olivia had her own sewing machine and enough material to create a cloakroom. Throughout high school, he made some of his own clothes to wear. Soon, other people realized and constantly asked where he had gotten it from. Before you knew it, she was making and selling original pieces. This gave her the courage to pursue modeling and enter the fashion world. Olivia began walking in fashion shows and became a model. Olivia went to a calendar launch party for a well-known urban model Jazzie Belle. At that party, Olivia met Dj Kay Slay and was asked to appear in her Straight Stuntin magazine. Once the magazine reached the posts, it began to receive offers from everywhere. Since then he has teamed up with his model agency “VERSATILE”, appeared on the pages of another issue of Straight Stuntin and on the cover, flew to Jamiaca to film with Smooth magazine and has been in some music videos. Since then, Olivia has decided to leave her management team and appeared on the pages of FEDS magazine. She currently continues to film with various magazines, videos and presents a lot of parties and fashion shows.

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