Norwood Young: Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is Norwood Young? Norwood Young is an award winning soul and R&B singer. He is known for his days as lead singer of the band Pieces of a Dream. He is also known for getting attorney Johnnie Cochran to defend him from neighbors who wanted david de Young’s nude statues removed from his palatial estate. Young is also recognized for being in another E! reality show: High Maintenance 90210. Young wrote about his life and addiction to plastic surgery in his memoir “Getting Back to My Me”.

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If you lived in Los Angeles between the mid-1990s and 2011, you’ll probably remember Youngwood Court, also known as House of the Davids, in Hancock Park. Its owner, Norwood Young, attracted the ire of neighbors when he bought the place, removed a row of junipers, placed sixteen statues of Michelangelo’s David on column pedestals in the backyard (there are twenty of them counted on the property) and painted the set totally white. In the same neighborhood where a cross was burned in Nat King Cole’s backyard, it was impossible not to see racism going on when neighbors filed a lawsuit against improvements to Norwood’s home. TV crews showed up at his door and Johnny Cochran called and offered to defend him.

The day before Norwood Young was interviewed to be featured in Nest, the beloved and eccentric “interior magazine,” he and his assistant were buying Halloween decorations for a last-minute blast that he decided to present. He lost about $15,000, he remembers, but before he could leave the store, they were handcuffed and taken to the local police station. Someone called the police about the king of Hancock Park because, they told him, he found the description of someone in the area committing credit card fraud. Young estimates that he lost nine hours with that incident, crucial time for party planning and he always threw big parties. He barely had time to give quotes to Nest’s story.

At that time, the successful soul and R&B singer lived well – spending about $35,000 a month he remembers today – throwing lavish parties and customizing his home exactly to his liking. At some point, Norwood realized that he had moved away from his “i”, as he himself says. In dealing with the trauma of childhood, he went through a healing journey, reversing several plastic surgeries, writing a book, Getting Back to My Me (according to Amazon: “The true story of a former Star Search contestant. A man who apparently had everything‚Ķ “) and selling the 5,000-square-foot house that drew his attention – and his fame – from his music.

He moved to Bangkok, where his next adventure is the Hollywood Soul Supper Club. “At home, I’m a dozen cents – not in terms of my journey, but in terms of soul food,” he says. “In terms of great singers. So my idea would be fine at home, but it wouldn’t have as much impact. So there’s another part of the world I’m educating based on my journey. That’s the most rewarding thing in the world. “