Noel Casler: Bio, Age, Net Worth

Who is Noel Casler? Raised by a young single mother, Noel Casler is originally from PG County, Maryland. During his early years he lived a life of poverty. Her mother gave birth at age 19, and she was receiving practical training to survive as a single mother. Despite the lack of resources, Noel enjoyed his upbringing in PG County due to the ties he developed with a multicultural group of friends.

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Noel Casler is a man who shoots Trump regularly. He talks about the president’s childish behavior, his irresponsible rhetoric, and drug use. In a sense, Casler tried to call Trump out on several occasions, but the almighty president did not respond to the challenges. So who exactly is Noel Casler?

At age 13, her mother’s life went in a difficult direction. Casler had to move to New York to live with his grandparents. He went from living in a diverse community to living in an all-white suburban community. After high school, Casler attended drama school at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He would later become an actor who was cast in several comedy plays. From there, he transitioned to a career working behind the scenes as a talent coordinator. He has worked at prestigious television events such as the Grammy Awards, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and The Kennedy Center Honors. He also worked on sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star game. For a period of six years, Casler found a behind-the-scenes job for Donald Trump’s show, The Celebrity Apprentice.