Nancy Mace: Bio, Husband, Family

Who is Nancy Mace? Nancy Ruth Mace is an American entrepreneur, politician, and writer who is the elected Representative for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. She is also a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives for District 99, covering Hanahan, northeast Mount Pleasant, and Daniel Island. Mace is the first woman who graduate from The South Carolina Corps of Cadets. Furthermore, Mace is the first South Carolinian Republican woman elected to Congress.

Elected female congresswoman Nancy Mays – a single mother who grew up in Lowcountry, works here and brings up her family here. It has earned recognition as one of the most financially conservative members of the General Assembly; She is also one of the state’s most vocal environmental legislators and has a 100 percent approval rating in South Carolina.

She grew up in Goose Creek, South Carolina and eventually graduated from Stratford High School, but not before working at Waffle House on College Park Road in Ludson (exit 203).

She graduated with honors from the Citadel, South Carolina Military College, where she was the first woman to graduate from the Cadet Corps in 1999. She later earned a master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Georgia in 2004.

She is the author of “In the Company of Men: A Woman in the Citadel” (Simon and Schuster, 2001). Her business experience ranges from consulting corporate technology to starting her own company and selling commercial real estate.

Mace received the “Taxpayer Hero” Award from the South Carolina Growth Club in 2019; she is also the winner of the Palmetto Goodwill Champion Award for her educational efforts and for helping those most in need of training; she has a 100 percent approval rating with South Carolina Conservation Voters.

She is a mother of two children aged 11 and 13.

Nancy Mays’ historic victory over Joe Cunningham is a victory for women in the Republican Party

At a press conference in the diner parking lot, she was presented as a congressman from the 1st District of South Carolina. In a disappointing victory earlier this morning, she overtook Cunningham by 1.28 percentage points and regained the Republican Party seat after a 40-year tenure by Republicans was interrupted by her Democratic opponent’s victory in 2018.

“For those people who are there today who may not have been with us yesterday, I ask for a chance – a chance to prove to you that I will be a compassionate leader, a good listener, an independent thinker,” Mace said.

Dorchester County poll confirms Nancy Mays win over Joe Cunningham

In 2020, experts and analysts expected a majority increase in house Democrats. But last week, Republicans expanded their ranks as Republican women flipped six of the eight congressional seats across the country. Mace was one of them.

She is the first woman to win first place in the district, and will become the first South Carolina woman to hold Congress since Democrat Liz Patterson represented the Greenville area in the late 1980s.

Mays’ victory confirms the theory that Cunningham’s victory for the Democrats in 2018 was an anomaly. State Republican leaders believe Mays’ victory means the 1st Circuit will remain in Republican hands for decades to come.
How Nancy Mace won

In June, after Mace won a crowded primary election to secure the Republican nomination, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a memorandum titled “The Case Against Nancy Mays.” The document predicts Cunningham’s unconditional victory.

“The restructuring of the suburbs and regional growth, coupled with the higher turnout of African-Americans at the presidential level, supported by Vice President Biden and a strong U.S. Senate rival, Jaime Harrison, have put Republican Cunningham in a very favorable position for a second victory. elections this fall,” the memo reads.

He noted that Mace did not introduce herself to half the electorate in a county that runs through five counties from Charleston to Beaufort.

But democratic research didn’t hit the target.

The area grew, but attracted more Republicans than Democrats. This was confirmed tuesday: Biden didn’t get as many votes as Trump did across South Carolina. On Election Day, Harrison failed to do his job against Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Charleston County and some neighboring suburbs were strong for Cunningham, where he received 97 of 134 polling stations and 17,160 more votes than Mace. But Beaufort, Berkeley and Dorchester counties were a failure of Republicans.

“Everyone thinks Charleston is the most left-wing district in the area, and that’s somewhat true,” said South Carolina Republican Party spokeswoman Claire Robinson. “But you have such a strong Republican stronghold in places like Beaufort and Bluffton.”
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Joe Cunningham concedes Nancy Mays in first SC County race three days after her failed win

Since the 2018 election, 31,407 voters have registered in Charleston County, where there was a congressional seat. But neighboring and predominantly rural districts in the rest of the county added 58,167.

Cunningham performed a little worse than in 2018, in almost every county.

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