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Mollie Busta: Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Bio (UPDATED)

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Who Is Mollie B Busta?

Mollie B (Mollie Busta), host of RFD-“Mollie TV’s B Polka Party,” has performed professionally her entire life.
Mollie began her career performing with the Jim Busta Band and continues to do so. She also performs with SqueezeBox and a variety of other bands.


Mollie B, the multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer who hosts the Mollie B Polka Party TV show, has been making music all her life. Mollie began her career with the Jim Busta Band when she was a child. Due to her hard work and commitment, Mollie B now performs nationwide – live, on TV, and the big screen. but not exclusively with the band SqueezeBox. Mollie has not only appeared in over 35 recordings, but she has also shared her many God-given talents with fans in over 30 states and 11 countries and continues to inspire young musicians with her love of music.

Between the Jim Busta Band exercises and the recording sessions, music filled the Busta household in the small town of Minnesota while Mollie grew up. At the age of three, she began to sing in the band and began playing the piano at the age of eight. In the following years, Mollie played several instruments in the school bands and choirs as well as in her father’s band.

During her school years, Mollie arranged songs for the school band and the choral program, the Jim Busta Band, and even found time to create her own compositions. Mollie also served as a student principal for her high school band rehearsals and concerts.

Mollie developed her love of music and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music (trumpet and voice) from Luther College (Decorah, IA). Mollie’s editorial dealt with polka music and allowed her to inform her professors and colleagues in classical music about the music she cares about. Mollie also received a Master of Arts in Instruction from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota (Winona, MN). In 2005, Mollie moved to Ted Lange’s Bratwurst Boys from Ridgeville Corners, Ohio. In 2007, a two-time Grammy nominee and Mollie changed their name to SqueezeBox. SqueezeBox shows Mollie’s versatility on various instruments as well as her talented vocals.

In July 2011, the first Mollie B Polka Party was broadcast on RFD television. Mollie was the creative director and co-producer of these shows. The Mollie B Polka Party is currently broadcast on RFD television on Wednesday at 6.30 pm et and on Saturday at 10 pm ET in over 55 million households. The show will soon be available on Farm and Ranch TV, a streaming network that can be viewed on all Internet-connected devices.

In 2017, Wisconsin Public Television released the documentary “POLKA!” Mollie is the host of this 90-minute documentary about celebrating life with polka music in the state of Wisconsin.

In 2018, Mollie B & SqueezeBox appeared as “Mollie B & Her Band” in a scene from the Warner Brothers film “The Mule”, directed and starring Clint Eastwood. In this scene, Mollie plays piano, trumpet, sings, has a line, and dances with Clint Eastwood.

Mollie’s talents were also shown to a live audience during the Mollie B Christmas shows both at RFD-TV the Theatre and the Jim Stafford Theatre in Branson, Missouri. and the CAL Center in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The holiday special took place in 2011-2014, 2016-2018. Mollie has performed these two live performances lasting several hours, directing, writing, producing, choreographing, and moderating. Mollie’s line-up featured up to 36 renowned musicians and artists in front of up to 1300 spectators.

Mollie has been awarded several times the title “Favorite Female Vocalist”, both by the United States Polka Association and the International Polka Association. She has been awarded several times by the Polka America Corporation for her polka shots with Ted Lange. Mollie also received the Polka Promoter of the Year 2013 award from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Iowa Polka Hall of Fame in 2015. In 2018, she became the youngest candidate in the International Polka Association Hall of Fame.

Some of Mollie’s most notable performances as a singer, instrumentalist, actress, and/or music arranger are:

Caribbean Cruises (2001, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013-2019),

Wurstfest (New Braunfels, TX, 2009-2013, 2015-2019),

Norsk Hostfest (Minot, ND, 2013-2019),

Maggie Mae Show in Reedsburg (2016-2019),

Mollie B Christmas show at the CAL Center in Reedsburg, WI (2017-2019),

Midwest Country (2019),

Warner Brothers film “The Mule” (2018),

Rhythm Cats at silver star theatre (Mesa 2017),

Maggie Mae Christmas Shows (2016-2017: Crystal Grand, WI Rapids Performing Arts Center, Hartford Scheuer Center),

Mollie B Christmas Concert at the Jim Stafford Theatre (2016),

Toledo Symphony (Bryan, OH, 2010 and 2016),

Jimmy Sturr Show on RFD-TV (2012-2016),

Penny Gilley Show on RFD-TV (2012-2015),

Anniversary Fair with Daniel O’Donnell (Moline, IL, 2010),

Great Joe Polka Show on RFD TELEVISION (2005-2008),

Iowa Governor Culver’s opening gala (Iowa City, IA, 2007),

American Folk Art Festival (Bangor, ME, 2006),

Presidential Palace in the Dominican Republic (2004),

Sound of Music (Spring Grove, MN, 2003),

Library of Congress (Washington, DC, 2002),

Kennedy Center of Performing Arts (Washington, DC, 2002),

“Polka Passion” (National PBS Special, 2001) and

Handel’s “Messiah” and Mozart’s “Requiem” (Decorah, IA, 2000).

She has played with award-winning bands and artists such as the Rhythm Cats, the Heartland Country Band, the All-Star Band of Mollie B, Karl and the Country Dutchmen, the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, the SqueezeBox, the Bruce Bradley Band, Gary and the Ridgeland Dutchmen, Music Connection, Brian and the Dutch from the Mississippi Valley, the Czechs outside the city, the Polka Nuts, John Gora and Gorale, Toledo Polka Motion, the Polka Family, Klancnik and his friends, the Don Wojtila Band, George Staerkel, Kenny Brandt, Steve Meisner, Kevin Solecki, Alex Meixner, Hank Guzevich, Fred Ziwich, Lenny Gomulka, Al Piatkowski and more.

Mollie taught music at all levels (between three and three years) not only on stage but also at the following schools: at Lanesboro Elementary & High School, At St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, at West Salem Elementary & Middle School, and St. Patrick’s Catholic School (Bryan, OH). In addition, Mollie taught private music lessons (up to 52 students/week) for 15 years.

When Mollie is not on stage and teaches, she likes to dance, train, play with her nieces and nephews, spend time with the family, and travel.


Mollie B is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning performer who specializes in trumpet, saxophone, and catch box.
Mollie was instrumental in facilitating the narrative “POLKA!” in 2017.
Mollie began singing at the age of three and quickly picked up instruments.

Mollie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa (trumpet and voice).
Mollie B earned a Master of Arts in Instruction from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, Minnesota.

Mollie B was born in 1979 and is currently 41 years old.
Mollie’s exact birth date and zodiac sign have not been determined at this time.
Although she was born in Dubuque, Iowa, she spent her childhood in Spring Grove, Minnesota.
Mollie is an American with Caucasian ancestry.

Net Worth

Mollie Busta has a net worth of $100K. and Mollie’s average salary is around $5 – $20 K per year.