Mike Jones AKA Garand Thumb Bio,Wiki – (Update 2021)

Mike Jones AKA Garand Thumb Bio,Wiki - (Update 2021)

Who is Garand Thumb? Mike Jones (Garand Thumb) is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He has a thriving Youtube channel with an enthusiastic fan base. He was one of the cast of indie film Jurassic World: Exodus, a Jurrassic Park fan film following the story of a Special Forces recovery team sent to Isla Nublar to find a missing soldier and Seismologist. The movie was produced by Gregory Wong.

What is Garand Thumb?

Garand Thumb, also known as M1 Thumb, is a painful ailment caused by a Garand’s bolt smashing into one’s thumb. It’s also the creative name of this blog, where I blather on about CMP and NRA Service Rifle shooting.

Garand Thumb is frequently caused by failing to secure the bolt back as demonstrated below. Garand Thumb is not unusual as long as the bolt is properly locked back.

Youtube Channel

Garand Thumb is a youtube channel (Joined May 10, 2006) which discusses gun and military culture in informative and humoro. 

Link To His Channel : youtube.com/channel/UC0RBTQIYLEQbcahZWkmzeTQ

Link To His Website : http://garandthumb.com/about-me/

Mike Jones Military Background,Real Name,Wife & Age

Mike Jones is an American social media celebrity who gained popularity through his eponymous Instagram account.

Garand Thumb is one of the most popular influencers in the United States, with over 317601 followers.

On Instagram, Garand Thumb’s username is @garand_thumb.

He is Distinguished Rifleman #2451 and a NRA High Master.

By day he is a mild mannered 30 something HR consultant. He is stumbled on his way into CMP Games Matches in 2011. He then went to Camp Perry for the first time in August 2012 just for the Games Matches. He’ve been have been back every year.

His Interests have shifted since he started his blog from CMP games matches to Across the Course (XTC) Service Rifle. I earned Distinguished Rifleman in June of 2019. I hold a NRA classification of High Master for XTC Service Rifle.

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