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Mike Jones AKA Garand Thumb Bio,Wiki – (Update 2022)

Mike Jones AKA Garand Thumb Bio,Wiki - (Update 2021)

Who is Garand Thumb? Mike Jones (Garand Thumb) is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He has a thriving Youtube channel with an enthusiastic fan base. He was one of the casts of the indie film Jurassic World: Exodus, a Jurassic Park fan film following the story of a Special Forces recovery team sent to Isla Nublar to find a missing soldier and Seismologist. The movie was produced by Gregory Wong.

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What is the meaning of Garand Thumb?

Garand Thumb, also known as M1 Thumb, is a painful condition caused by the bolt of a Garand slamming into the thumb of the sufferer. It’s also the clever name of this blog, where I blather on about CMP and NRA Service Rifle shooting, among other things.

Garand Thumb is frequently caused by failure to properly secure the bolt back, as shown in the video below. Garand Thumb is not uncommon, as long as the bolt is properly locked back in the breech position.

YouTube Channel (in English)

Garand Thumb is a YouTube channel (created on May 10, 2006) that discusses guns and military culture in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

His YouTube channel can be found at

His Website can be found at:

Mike Jones’s military background service information, including his real name, wife, and age

Mike Jones is an American social media celebrity who rose to prominence as a result of his eponymous Instagram account, which he created.

Garand Thumb is one of the most well-known influencers in the United States, having amassed a following of over 317601 people.

@garand thumb is Garand Thumb’s Instagram handle, which can be found at @garand thumb.


Travis Haley is the father of Garand Thumb. There is no information available about Garand’s wife, including whether or not they are divorced. Garand claims that his father is a good man who has a son with his ex-wife, who has not been identified by Garand.

Net worth

A millionaire, Mike Jones, also known as “Garand’s thumb,” has a net worth of $1 million.


Garand Thumb stands at 6 feet in height. His total body weight is 190 pounds.