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Michael Iavarone: Bio, Age, Wikipedia

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Who is Michael Iavarone?

Michael Iavarone: Bio, Age, Wikipedia

Michael Iavarone is a Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup winner, and that is just part of the story. Michael talks about a lot of his ideas about life, The Sport of Kings, how people see things, the heart, and other things. Now that you know they’re talking, you know there must be some fun parts, and you’re right.

Michael Iavarone is the Owner of Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown Senior Asset manager.

IEAH Stables

International Equine Acquisitions Holding (IEAH Stables) ran a thoroughbred horse racing stable in the United States. Big Brown, who won the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness, was one of the horses that trained there. The main office of the company was in Garden City, New York. Since 2012, it hasn’t been used.

Michael Iavarone started IEAH in 2003. He had been interested in the sport for a long time and saw business opportunities in it. Iavarone was the co-CEO, along with Richard Schiavo, who was in charge of running the business. The business was run like a hedge fund, and horses were its main asset. James Tagliaferri, who ran an asset management company called TAG Virgin Islands, gave a lot of money. Iavrone was in charge of everything related to bloodstock. He set up an “investment committee” that helped the stable build its “bloodstock portfolio.” In 2008, Gary Stevens, a jockey who is in the Hall of Fame, joined as a bloodstock agent and spokesman. Some of the trainers that IEAH used were Rick Dutrow, Dominick Shettino, Donald Chatlos Jr., and John Terranova II.

In 2009, IEAH opened the Ruffian Equine Medical Center, which is a modern horse hospital near Belmont Park. The center closed in 2011 because of money problems, but Cornell University reopened it in 2014 as Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists. In 2013, IEAH sold off its last Big Brown share.

In 2015, Tagliaferri was given a six-year prison sentence for securities and investment adviser fraud. He got this sentence because he accepted kickbacks for investments in companies like IEAH.

Won Mega Cash

When that horse won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, Iavarone got just under $1 million.

But Big Brown had already won two-thirds of the American Triple Crown before the Belmont Stakes in June of that year.

Almost gave up and 55 lengths behind the surprise 40-1 winner 

It would be the only time Big Brown ever lost, Da’Tara.

In September, the horse stopped racing after winning £150,000 in the Monmouth Stakes.

Iavarone, who had never owned a race horse before he bought Big Brown, and the other owners of the horse won more than £1.7 million from the horse’s seven races.


“Name your favorite reality show.” “It’s boring compared to what this man goes through every day.”

That commentator’s description of Michael Iavarone, the most insane millionaire in racing, was spot on.

It’s no secret that the people who own the best racehorses have huge bank accounts, the biggest houses, and yachts that make you gasp.

Even the best gamblers have hundreds of millions of dollars, live in the lap of luxury, and have codenames like “the joker.”

But even though most of the above could be said about him, there is one person who stands out from the rest.

Because almost no one in sports, let alone racing, is like Mike Iavarone, whom one publication called “the 21st century Gordon Gekko.”

There are photos of women in bikinis taking pictures by a pool.

On his “best birthday ever,” he smoked a big cigar on a boat with 11…you guessed it…women in bikinis.

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