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Michael Fanone : Biography,Wikipedia,Age,Mother (Updated 2022)

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  • July 29, 2021February 1, 2022

Who is Michael Fanone?

D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone  Biography,Wikipedia,Age,Mother,Heart Attack
D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone

Michael Fanone (29 Years Old) is works for the Metropolitan Police Department. Together with Victoria Wang (30 Years Old) an executive assistant. They live in Washington.

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On January 6, 2021, pro-Donald Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol, and MICHAEL Fanone was one of the cops present.

On January 6, Michael Fanone, a Washington, DC metropolitan police officer, protected the US Capitol.

Fanone was summoned to Capitol Hill to speak about what happened during the siege.

Fanone was carried down the Capitol steps by a pro-Trump mob during the Capitol siege.

As he was stunned with a stun gun and pummeled, the officer suffered a slight heart attack and a concussion.

Days after the events at the US Capitol, Fenone told CNN that he was stripped of his gear, reserve ammunition, his police radio pulled from his breast, and his badge stolen.

“Some individuals got their hands on my gun and started screaming, ‘Kill him with his own gun,'” Fanone recalled.

Thomas Sibick, 35, of Buffalo, New York, and Bruno Cua, 18, of Milton, Georgia, are alleged to have violently confronted police in videos published by the Justice Department on July 6, 2021, with one body cam video showing Sibick holding Fanone’s badge and radio.

Sibick looks to be one of several rioters confronting Fanone on the west side of the Capitol in body camera footage.

Sibick allegedly rips off Fanone’s badge before switching hands and pulling on Fanone’s radio antenna as rioters attempt to drag him into the mob.

According to court documents, a rioter tore off Fanone’s badge, causing a major tear in his vest.

Sibick’s lawyer claimed that he was attempting to assist the police in getting away from the rioters.

After stating he put Fanone’s badge in the trash, Sibick admitted to burying it in his backyard.

What did Fanone have to say to GOP Representative Andrew Clyde?

During a contentious argument, Fanone criticized Republican Rep Andrew Clyde for what he called “disgusting” behavior during an appearance with CNN on June 16.

Fanone told the newspaper that he ran saw Clyde in the Capitol earlier in the day and was dismissed by the congressman after approaching him outside an elevator.

After 21 House Republicans, including Clyde, voted against legislation to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the officers who guarded the Capitol, Fanone’s narrative was published.

The decision served as yet another reminder that members of Congress are still unable to agree on the facts surrounding the deadly violence on January 6.

“I was quite friendly.” I reached out to shake his hand. He didn’t say anything, just stared at me. “When I inquired whether he was going to shake my hand, he stated he didn’t know who I was,” Fanone explained.

“As a result, I introduced myself. I introduced himself as Officer Michael Fanone. That I was a DC Metropolitan Police officer who fought to defend the Capitol on January 6, and as a result of being tased multiple times at the base of my skull and severely assaulted, I had a traumatic brain injury and a heart attack.

Fanone stated, “His response was nothing.”

“He shifted his gaze away from me, took out his phone, and began scrolling through the apps.”

Fanone expressed his thoughts. Clyde activated the camera app on his phone but did not focus it at him.

Clyde, according to Fanone, was attempting to record audio of the incident.

“I just stood there after that,” Fanone explained.

When the elevator doors opened, the congressman “fled as fast as he could, like a coward,” according to Fanone.


  • How Michael and Wang Met? They had run into each other a few of times before finally connecting one Monday night at a succession of bars. “He had no choice but to talk to me by the last venue,” Victoria says.
  • “It was like something out of a movie,” is the first impression. Except for her, I couldn’t hear the music, and everyone else in the room seemed to be out of focus. She was lovely, and I couldn’t take my gaze away from her, much to my soon-to-be ex-chagrin.” girlfriend’s Victoria says she has too many tattoos.
  • Lunch at Matchbox on the first date.
  • While dining at Park Cafe on Capitol Hill, he proposed.
    Victoria says, “I saw he continued attempting to draw supper out, waiting for the last tables to leave.”
    “At long last, he couldn’t stand it any longer.”
  • Michael’s most despised item of clothing is “any and all lingerie from prior relationships.”
  • When She Knew: “When I couldn’t sleep at night without him,” she says.

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