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Who is Meisha Ross Porter? Meisha Ross Porter is an American educator and chancellor of schools in New York. She was announced for the role on February 26, 2021, when former Chancellor Richard Carranza resigned his post. She will take up her duties on March 15.

Prior to becoming chancellor, she was executive superintendent of school districts in the Bronx.

Meisha Ross Porter: Meisha Ross Porter was recently appointed Chancellor of New York Schools. Porter is an executive superintendent from the Bronx who was promoted to prime minister by Chancellor Richard Carranza.

She has been the Bronx Executive Superintendent since 2018 and currently oversees Districts 7-12, which is home to all of the Bronx’s public schools.

During a press conference, Porter said, “It’s the great privilege of my life right now. “

Meisha Ross Porter Wiki

  • Meisha Ross Porter will become the first black woman to lead the nation’s largest public school district. The New York School District has approximately 1 million students.
  • Current New York School Chancellor Richard Carranza will step down on March 15, and Porter will take over the school system. Carranza praised Porter and said, “She has dedicated her life to New York City Public Schools and has a deep and crucial understanding of what it means to be a teacher and principal. “
  • Porter has worked for the New York public school system for 20 years.
  • She is a graduate of the city’s public schools and is a lifelong New Yorker.
  • Her career began as a teacher at the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice.
  • She became principal of the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice.
  • As an educator, Porter has served as a teacher, vice-principal, principal and founder of the school.

Meisha Ross Porter, who was named Chancellor of New York Schools, was recently executive superintendent of the Bronx.

Porter will become the first black woman to lead the country’s largest public school district. There are approximately 1 million students in the district.

She is a 20-year veteran of the New York public school system.

Why is Richard Carranza retiring?

As executive superintendent of the Bronx, she was responsible for community school districts 7-12, covering the entire borough with its 361 schools and 235,000 students.

Porter is a lifelong New Yorker who graduated from the city’s public schools.

She began as a teacher at the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice.

After 18 years at school, where she became principal, she spent three years as District 11 superintendent, serving the Pelham Parkway, Eastchester and Woodlawn wards of the Bronx.

She has been Executive Superintendent since 2018.

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