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Majah Hype: Bio,Net Worth,Age,Nationality,Wikipedia (UPDATED)

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Who is Majah Hype? Majah Hype, a new comedy superstar in the region, is the self-proclaimed king of Caribbean comedy.

Majah Hype started out as a social media sensation, winning fans across the Caribbean diaspora with its unique ability to expertly capture the accents and mannerisms of virtually every Caribbean nationality.

The former DJ and certified electrician for New York City’s public transportation, decided to fully pursue his passion for comedy after firing his job in the city in 2013. Majah Hype focused his efforts on making it into the entertainment industry where he could use his platform to become a true champion of Caribbean culture and share it with the world through comedy.

Today, the NYC-based comedian is internationally acclaimed and has taken his jokes from the web to sold-out stage shows and even the big screen. He regularly headlines comedy shows in the US, UK and the Caribbean, including producing an annual sold-out show at the iconic Kings Theater. He has been seen on BET, Hot 97, Power 105 and the Wendy Williams Show to name a few. This multi-talented entertainer also plays seven instruments, sings and produces music.

Majah Hype is an ambassador of Caribbean culture, using its seamless accents, comedic timing, and true-to-life material to connect people from all walks of life and, behind the humor is a serious commitment to Caribbean unity .

He has rightly earned the title, King of Caribbean Comedy!

On stage, the comedian takes on his quirky characters for a live experience of no-holds-barred, laugh-at-your-belly bursts. The variety from skits to music video parodies applies to his comedy material, and he has an ensemble cast of comedy characters.

With hundreds of thousands of video views, majah hype is one of the most talked about and appreciated comedians on the internet.

Besides, the charismatic comedian garnered a lot of fan following through his genre-pushing comedy. So, without wasting time, let’s know more about the comedian Majah Hype. From his real name to his girlfriend and net worth, find out more about him through his wiki bio.

Also scroll down to find out majah hype birthday, age, height, nationality and ethnicity.

Real name

Collin Nigel McPherson A.K.A. Majah Hype


East Kingston

Resident: Brooklyn

How old is Majah Hype?

Considering his appearance, comedian Majah Hype’s age could be in his 30s. Sadly, the exact date of his birthday is still under the wrap to be revealed soon.

How Tall is Majah Hype?

Comedian Majah Hype stands at a high height that may be more than five feet.

What is Majah Hype Nationality?

Caribbean nationality



Social media

The comedian Majah Hype is active on social media platforms. She runs her Instagram account under the name (@majahhype) and has over a million followers. Majah Hype’s Instagram bio reads.

Majah Hype Wiki-Bio

Comedian Majah Hype is also an actor, producer, writer and DJ. He spent his childhood in East Kingston, Jamaica, and is from Brooklyn.

Mr Hype’s comedy creations portray his family from the Caribbean. In a live performance that is both side-splitting funny and affectionate, he takes on grandparents, uncles and friends. The comedian Majah Hype is the eldest of three children.

The man with a thousand identities i.e. Mr. Hype portrays various characters, including “Di Rass”, “Grampa James”, and countless others. The comedian also masters all the accents including Bajan, Haitian, Jamaican and Guyanese.

Career Background

When he was young, Majah Hype found his gift for making people laugh. Since then he has had years of live experience and has performed everywhere from small clubs to large venues.

McPherson tickled crowds on his 2017 Caribana Comedy Show with insights into Caribbean society. The tour was a huge success and cemented his status as one of the best funny men on YouTube.

In addition to being a comedian, Mr. Hype is also an accomplished musician. His grandfather, who had his own affiliation with woodwind instruments, influenced him. In the future, Majah Hype plans to release mixtapes.

Who is Majah Hype’s girlfriend 2021?

We can assume he is single at the moment because there seems to be no news of Majah Hype dating anyone or with a new girlfriend.

Last December, comedian Majah Hype took to his Instagram to explain his take on a relationship. A few fans asked why he took to social media to vent his private affairs.

Majah advised him to make a change at the end of his rant and not wait until 2020 to start it. Mr Hype even left a few posts, with one to read, on his Instagram stories,

Ex girlfriend

The ex-girlfriend of the comedian Majah Hype addresses herself as KAF on her Instagram account. She has a son named Kody Campbell.

On December 2, 2020, his ex-girlfriend KAF apologized to her loved ones for breaking up with them and revealed through a YouTube video that they were being abused.

How Much is Majah Hype’s Net Worth in 2021?

Comedian Majah Hype has appeared on Shaquille O’Neil’s All-Star Comedy Tour, and BET’s Comic View. He was also featured in a movie called Next Friday.

The quick wit and accent skill of Mr. Hype have made him a popular fixture on the live comedy circuit, where he performs in front of sold-out crowds. In addition, he appeared on Power 105 NYC and The Breakfast Club.

Majah Hype’s fame began when he was fired from his career, a licensed electrician who worked in the subway system, and with free time on his hands, started creating videos on Instagram for fun with his friends.

In May last year, the comedian launched his restaurant called Hype’s Kitchen and Juice Bar at 589 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.
Caribbean Born Comedian Majah Hype Launches New Restaurant

From 2021, the net worth of comedian Majah Hype is estimated to be over $ 1 million dollars.

Where is majah hype from?

Majah Hype, who is from Brooklyn, has made a name for himself in the West Indian community around the world with his uncanny ability to imitate Caribbean accents and the distinct personality traits of people from each island.
For years, he has been known only by his first name Nigel, and he has successfully concealed his ancestry.