Lynn Rosenthal : Bio,Wikipedia,Contact Information (2021)

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Lynn Rosenthal : Bio,Wikipedia,Contact Information (2021)
President of The Center for Family Safety and Healing (TCFSH)

Who is Lynn Rosenthal? Lynn Rosenthal is the White House’s first advisor on violence against women.
She collaborates with Vice President Joe Biden and the White House Council on Women and Girls to coordinate government initiatives to combat domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Since taking on this position, she has focused on boosting federal budget resources, chairing the Interagency Policy Group on Violence Against Women, and collaborating with other White House offices to incorporate these problems into other administration objectives.

Ms. Rosenthal formerly served as executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, where she worked on the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act and supported states and local communities with its implementation.

She also collaborated closely with business partners to offer money to local communities in order to combat domestic abuse. Ms. Rosenthal has received widespread recognition for her work to combat domestic abuse on a national, state, and local level. She has worked as a shelter director and as the executive director of state domestic violence coalitions in Florida and New Mexico. She received the Sheila Wellstone Institute National Advocacy Award for the first time in 2006.


Rosenthal earned her bachelor’s degree and her law degree from the University of Florida.


From 1985 through 2012, Rosenthal worked as an assistant United States Attorney. Previously, she worked as an associate attorney in private practice.

The judge was arrested for driving under the influence.

Judge Rosenthal was arrested on a DUI allegation in the courthouse parking lot on May 27, 2014, after reportedly colliding with a sheriff’s car. Deputies on the scene stated that the judge did not appear to have consumed alcohol, despite the fact that her speech was slurred and she was having difficulty standing steadily. Rosenthal allegedly admitted to taking an Ambien sleeping medication the night before.

Rosenthal was arrested about 8:45 a.m. after striking the patrol car and a fence numerous times, according to the arrest report. Prior to the altercation at the courthouse, she informed authorities that a vehicle on the Interstate tried to drive her off the road. The cops, however, stated that there was no truck involved after seeing a video she made of the event on her phone. “The video does show that [Rosenthal] was unable to maintain a single lane, drove in the breakdown lane, and failed to prevent a collision with a concrete wall,” Deputy Michael Wiley said.

However, defense attorney Michael Dye said, “Ambien is not classified as a prohibited drug under Florida law… It is not applicable to Florida’s impaired driving law.”

Regardless of the drug, this was the third Broward County judge jailed for DUI in six months. Gisele Pollack and Cynthia G. Imperato were the other two.

Rosenthal enters a not guilty plea.

On July 22, 2014, Rosenthal pled no contest to careless driving and was sentenced to three months probation and 25 hours of community service. She was not, however, charged with a DUI. Rosenthal justified herself by saying,

It is critical that the public understands that this accident was caused by an unintentional overdose and an adverse medication reaction to Zolpidem Tartrate ER (extended release), the generic version of Ambien CR. My doctor inadvertently prescribed me double the quantity of Ambien CR authorized by the FDA, which resulted in this unintentional overdose.

The JQC recommends discipline.

Rosenthal was suspended without pay for 90 days after the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) recommended it on August 17, 2015. During the inquiry, the judge declined to provide a blood or urine sample and gave “misleading or incomplete remarks,” according to the commission. Her phone had also been wiped clean of the footage she had recorded while driving. According to the JQC petition, “Judge Rosenthal now admits that her behavior undermined public trust in the court and diminished the judicial position she occupies.”

She was also ordered to complete 12 hours of legal ethics training and family counseling, as well as pay for the JQC’s inquiry. Rosenthal consented to the suspension.

The Florida Supreme Court, on the other hand, rejected the JQC’s recommendation on September 8 “in order to fully develop the facts regarding any misconduct that occurred during the criminal investigation and the Judicial Qualifications Commission investigation, including any destruction of evidence and any false and misleading statements made by Judge Rosenthal.” Following her detention, the court ordered the JQC to schedule a hearing for Rosenthal to answer to charges that she breached judicial ethics.

Rosenthal announced her resignation in early October, ending October 31, 2015.

President, Center for Family Safety and Healing

Lynn Rosenthal is the president of The Center for Family Safety and Healing (TCFSH), a non-profit organization that uses an integrated team approach to break the cycle of family violence and child abuse. Lynn, a nationally recognized advocate for the prevention of family violence, previously served as the Biden Foundation’s Director of Violence Against Women Initiatives since 2017, where she advanced the Foundation’s programs to create cultural change toward the abolition of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Rosenthal served as the first White House Advisor on Abuse Against Women from 2009 to 2015, overseeing initiatives to combat domestic and sexual violence. Rosenthal co-chaired the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and coordinated interagency collaboration to ignite new preventive programs in this role.

Rosenthal has also worked as the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s vice president for Strategic Partnerships, the executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and in senior positions at state domestic violence coalitions in Florida and New Mexico.

In her role as president of TCFSH, Rosenthal works closely with local advocates and community partners, including Franklin County Children’s Service, Columbus Division of Police, Columbus City Prosecutor Office, CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence, the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, and a diverse group of community organizations to address all aspects of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

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