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Lee Carter Pollster (Fox News) : Bio,Wiki,Age

Who is Lee Carter Pollster? Lee Carter is president of Maslansky + Partners, a language strategist, researcher and author of “Persuasion: Convincing Others When Facts Don’t Seem to Matter” (TarcherPerigee, September 3, 2019). She cited the results of both the 2016 primaries and the general election.

Lee Carter oversees a wide variety of communications and language strategy work for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, industry associations, and nonprofits in the US and around the world. Her primary focus is to change driving behavior through the effective use of language. She is a word geek, messaging guru, mom, and author and takes pride in helping people understand the perspective of others.

She is a regular co-host of Mornings with Maria Bartiromo and a regular contributor on Fox, Yahoo Finance, and MSNBC, providing unique insights into business news and US politics. Unlike most commentators, she doesn’t rely on traditional polls; rather, she analyzes voters’ emotional responses to help her understand voter engagement and sentiment on a deeper, more visceral level. The response is important, but the ‘why’ behind it is more important.

What she brings to the team

  • Wisdom of overseeing a range of communication and language strategy initiatives for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, industry associations, and nonprofits in more than 20 countries
  • A research veteran’s experience conducting and analyzing more than 1,000 Instant Response dials, traditional focus groups, and customer strategy sessions
  • A passion for language, both visual and verbal, because it’s not what you say that matters, it’s what they hear

Ask her about it

  • Why people feel this way about US politics – her research predicted the Trump presidency for better or for worse …
  • How my toughest feedback changed my career for the better
  • Active empathy
  • Her least favorite word and her favorite cocktail party conversation (hint: it’s about words)

Language Strategist, President of maslansky + partners

Lee Hartley Carter is president of the language strategy firm, maslansky + partners. Carter oversees a wide variety of communications strategy work for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, industry associations, and nonprofits in the United States and worldwide. As a television news personality, she doesn’t rely on traditional polling for her unique insights into American politics; instead, she analyzes the emotional responses of voters to empathize with them on a more visceral level. It was this approach that enabled her to accurately predict the results of the 2016 presidential and elections. Persuasiveness (TarcherPerigee; 2019) shares secrets to empower the reader to convince everyone, at work and in life, in this post-fact, deeply divided world.

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