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Who is Lauren Pisciotta? Lauren Pisciotta is an American social media celebrity, artist manager and fitness model. She was first discovered as the manager of Niykee Heaton, famous pop singer and internet star. Moreover, Lauren has amassed nearly 991k followers on Instagram, where she posts hot and sizzling posts flaunting her stunning body.

As soon as people saw Lauren’s stunning body, they soon started following her online. This has led to becoming an online icon in its own right. Now working with Niykee, she takes pictures of fitness and travels around the world.

Despite her busy life, Lauren always finds time to exercise. If she can’t reach the weight room, she’ll improvise by performing body weight exercises.

There are no excuses for Lauren. She works hard to achieve her goals inside and outside the gym, to set an example for everyone.

Sports Statistics


Lauren Pesciota shows off on the beach in a bikini and looks curved and skinny

Artist Manager
Fitness model
Social Media Star


Some of Lauren’s favorite exercises are cardio exercises, which help her maintain her fitness and agile strength, along with weight lifting exercises that strengthen and develop her muscles.

Depending on how busy her life is, Lauren may train anywhere from two to six times a week. The only thing that never changes is her dedication to training – every time she’s in the gym, she does everything with the utmost intensity.
Glot Training

Lauren’s muscles are the product of hard work and consistency in the gym. She has built it by exercising with weights several times a week, and by incorporating various techniques and exercises that promote muscle growth.

Some of her favorite buttock muscle exercises are squatting, deadly jumps, bursts, and pressing on the iron hip. Most of these movements are complex movements that work on multiple muscles in Lauren’s body – mainly legs and buttocks.

Deadlifts also work on Lauren’s back and pulp, helping her maintain strong abdominal muscles. Here’s how Lauren’s brigade exercise might look;

Squat, 3-5 groups of 12 actors
Romanian Deadlifts, 3 sets of 12 reps
Hip strokes, 3 sets of 12 reps
Stabs, 3 sets of 10 steps
Cable Glute Kickbacks, 3 sets of 18+ reps

Lauren Pesciota stands on the beach terrace and flaunts her curvy legs and glutace

Lauren Pesciota posing in a photo showing her busty figure

Lauren likes to keep things simple in her diet. Instead of worrying about each calorie, focus on eating whole foods that give her body all the nutrients he needs to stay slim and healthy.

Her favorite protein sources are lean meatand plant proteins such as beans and egg whites. She also eats complex carbohydrates that fill her muscles with glycogen, helping her to stay strong in workouts.

Finally, healthy fat sources include avocados, nuts, olive oil and beef.

Although she is not a big fan of supplements, Lauren sometimes takes her for comfort.

For example, if she is too busy and can’t prepare a healthy meal, she will choose an alternative shake for a natural meal that will give her all the nutrients she would have received through whole food.

What we can learn from Lauren Pisciotta

Lauren Pisciottaalways strives to reach her goals – whether it’s in the gym or abroad. Its focus is on developing its business and influencing as many people as possible. There’s a lot of passion that drives Lauren forward.

You’ve shown us that when you do something you really love, it doesn’t feel like a job. Whatever you do, do it with passion, heart and desire to succeed. This is one way you can reach greatness – just like Lauren Pescayota did.

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