Larry Henry Kingface: Bio, Death

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Who is Larry Henry Kingface? KingFace aka Larry Henry is the rapper and social media star known for his support of Donald Trump, who died on September 29, friends said on social media. He was 38. KingFace’s friend, conservative activist Rob Smith, confirmed the rapper’s death in a post on Facebook. Smith described KingFace as “a really deep, intellectual” and “friendly” man. Conservative rapper Bryson Gray tweeted: “RIP TO KINGFACE. One of the most real people I’ve ever met. He was the first in the MAGA movement to post my music on Instagram. His video is the reason why I bought the “Big MAGA Hat”. He was the first to let me perform with him during Blexit. REST IN PEACE.”

KingFace is survived by his wife Marion Krouser. In August 2020, a GoFundMe page was set up to help Krouser pay her husband’s medical bills. The fundraising page said KingFace was being treated in the intensive care unit of one of the best hospitals in New York City. At the time of writing, the site had raised nearly 80,000 US dollars.
One of KingFace’s last public appearances took place in July 2020, when he was interviewed by conservative expert Candace Owens. During the interview, KingFace wore a T-shirt that read “Conservative T.H.U.G.” KingFace referenced the nickname on its Twitter biopage. KingFace also called itself “Liberaltearssipper”, “MAGAtron” and “Pot Smoking Patriot”.
On its official website, KingFace sold various types of clothing with conservative messages. There is also a section on his website touting President Donald Trump’s achievements.

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