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Lanie Gardner : Age, Wikipedia, Biography (UPDATED)

Who is Lanie Gardner?

Lanie Gardner is an American singer who is best known for her cover of the song “Dreams by Fleetwood Mac”. His cover video managed to get 18 million views on YouTube. Lanie is active on social media Instagram with 232k followers. She is also active on Twitter and Tiktok.

Where is Laine Gardner from? Lanie was born on July 18, 1999, in Tennessee, United States. making her 22 years old.

Is Lanie Gardner’s voice real? She is an artist born with a quirky, casual style. According to her management, Gardner has been singing since she was 4 and composing since she was 12.

Did Lanie Gardner get a record deal? After Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams’ reached over 44 million views across multiple social platforms, 21-year-old Nashville pop artist Lanie Gardner signed a management deal with Jonas Group Entertainment and a deal with Republic Records.

Does Lanie Gardner have an album? Yes, she does have an album, her title album is “Dreams (feat. Lanie Gardner)”.

How do I book Lanie Gardner? You can book and reserve Lanie Gardner by contacting our Authorized Agent, Lanie Gardner. Agent Lanie Gardner can provide availability and pricing information. Agent Lanie Gardner’s contact details can be found in our database.

Who is Lanie Gardner’s boyfriend? Lanie doesn’t have a boyfriend. currently, she doesn’t involve in a relationship.

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Lani was born on July 18, 1999, in North Carolina, USA. Her father’s name is Roger Gardner and her mother is Ashley Gardner. She has a sister named Brooke and Aleiga and a brother named Austin. Her grandfather was a famous musician named J.D. Gardner. He discovered his passion for singing at the age of 4 and started composing at the age of 11. She is also active in volleyball. After graduating from high school, he attended Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the USA for higher education.


Her 15-year-old career began when she turned her bedroom into a recording studio and started recording videos for posting on social media. She uploaded the cover using YouTube and the Tiktok app. On January 4, 2016, he posted the cover of the song “Stay” by Rihanna and Mickey Ekko on his YouTube channel. She also downloaded covers of Sam Smith, Lucas Graham, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and more. In January 2020, he started using TikTok while dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s song “Money Trees”.
She is best known for posting Lipsync videos, dance moves, and comedy memes on TikTok. In August 2020, they released a song called Purple Clouds that focused on stages of depression. Due to the corona pandemic, he seems to be more active in downloading music covers. He recently joined Republic Records working with the Jonas Entertainment group.

Signed By The Jonas Brothers

Classic songs have been making a big comeback — and making musical dreams come true — thanks to TikTok. Just ask Lanie Gardner, a Nashville singer whose love of Fleetwood Mac catapulted her to fame.

Lanie covered the rock band’s iconic song “Dreams” on TikTok and YouTube in October. Some thought she was lip-syncing at first because she sounded so much like Stevie Nicks!

Mick Fleetwood and Kevin Jonas Sr., father of the Jonas Brothers, were among the many fans who were blown away by her powerful voice. He was so taken with her that he hired her as Jonas Group Entertainment’s newest talent!

Net Worth

Lanie Gardner is a social media superstar and known for her singing videos. She is being managed by Kevin Jonas senior the father of the Jonas Brothers. According to sources network, Lanie Gardner’s has a net worth of around $200k.

Talented Singer

The French electronic music producer David Guetta’s latest masterpiece, “Dreams,” features Lanie Gardner as a guest vocalist.
Lanie’s grandfather had a passion for music, which may have influenced her to begin singing at the age of four and writing songs at the age of twelve.
After seeing her in various social media posts, it’s clear that she enjoys herself while doing what she enjoys, and isn’t that what it’s all about?
While the majority of Lanie’s YouTube videos are covering, there are a few originals worth checking out, my personal favorite being “Cry Me A River.”

Lanie Gardner has been signed by the Jonas Brothers. The 22 yearold singer’s Youtube channel is filled with videos of her singing Fleetwood Mac cover ‘Dreams’ She was spotted and signed by Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Group after a video of her appeared online. Lanie’s voice is raspy yet clear; the kind that doesn’t need her to hold up a sign begging to be noticed.

Stevie Nicks comments on Lanie Gardner


Lanie Gardner is 5’ 6” tall, and her weight is 52 kg. Her three ( Bra, Waist, Hips) sizes are 32-24-34. her shoe size is 7 (US). Lanie Hair color is Blonde with light brown eyes with slim body type. Her sexuality is straight.

Cover Videos of Lanie

Social Media



  • Lanie is an American singer and songwriter currently living in Nashville,
  • Besides singing, she also likes to play volleyball.
  • She set up a fundraiser in April 2020 so that she could promote her music everywhere.
  • She runs an Instagram account with 41k followers and recently started her song
  • She is also active on Tik-Tok, Facebook where she has 77k followers and a
  • She has YouTube channel with 15.8k subscribers.

Why is Lanie is Trending today?

She is being famous through TikTok, which posted dance, lip-sync, and song cover videos.

Lanie has over 194K followers on YouTube. Her recent work includes a techno remake of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Dreams. A video of Lanie singing this from what appears to be her room, wearing a comfy outfit, has gone viral. The song is available in different apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer.

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (Cover)

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