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Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell

Who is Kurt Russel? Born on March 17, 1951, Kurt Vogel Russell is an American actor. He began acting in television at the age of 12 years of western series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. appearing in a number of Disney films, and then transitioned to a successful career as a leading man, perhaps best known for his action dramas.

Who is Kurt Russell married to? Russell married actress Season Hubley, whom he met while filming Elvis, in 1979, and had a son, Boston (born February 16, 1980). Currently, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since Valentine’s Day 1983, and celebrated 37 years together in February, but they are not married.

How much Kurt Russell’s net worth? Kurt Russell net worth: Kurt Russell is an iconic American television and film actor who has a net worth of $70 million.

What is Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn worth? Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been called one of the richest couples in Hollywood, with a cumulative net worth close to $220 million.

Russell was nominated for a Golden Globe For Best Supporting Actor for his role in Silkwood (1983). In the 1980s, he starred in several John Carpenter films, including the role of an antihero, such as the army hero-turned-robber Snake Plisken, in the futuristic action movie “Escape from New York” (1981) and his sequel to “Escape from Los Angeles” (1996). ), helicopter pilot RJ McReady in the horror film “Something” (1982) and truck driver Jack Burton in the comedy kung fu action movie “Big Problems in Little China” (1986). He was nominated for an Emmy for the television film Elvis (1979), also directed by Carpenter.

Russell has starred in other films, including “Overboard” (1987), “Tango and Money” (1989), “Reverse” (1991), “Headstone” (1993), “Star wars” (1994), “Miracle” (2004), “Sky High” (2005), “Death Proof” (2007), The Hateful Eight (2015), Guardians of the Galaxy, It’s a volume. 2 (2017) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). He also appeared in the Fast and Furious franchises, starring in Fast and Furious (2015) and Destiny of The Furious (2017).

The Guardian named him one of the best actors ever nominated for an Oscar.

Early Life

Russell was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, the son of actor Bing Russell (1926-2003) and dancer Louise Julia (nee Crown) Russell. He has three sisters, Jill, Jamie and Jodie. Russell played baseball in the minor leagues throughout his elementary school studies as well as on his high school baseball teams. He graduated from Thousand Oaks High School in California in 1969. His father, Bing, played baseball professionally. His sister Jill is the mother of baseball player Matt Franco. From 1969 to 1975, Russell served in the California National Air Guard and was a member of the 146th Tactical Air Wing, which was then based in Van Nuys.

How many movies has Kurt Russell been in? Since 1963 until now, Kurt Russell has been playing in movies 63 times.

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Russell made his film debut, starring in Elvis Presley’s The World’s Fair. On April 24, 1963, Russell starred as a guest on ABC’s “Our Man Higgins” starring Stanley Holloway as an English butler in an American family.

He later starred in the ABC western “Jamie McFitters’ Travels” (1963-64). The show was based on the novel of the same name by Robert Lewis Taylor, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1959.

In 1964, Russell starred as a guest star in “Nemesis,” an episode of ABC’s “The Fugitive,” in which he, as the son of police lieutenant Philip Gerard, was accidentally kidnapped by Dr. Richard Kimble, his father’s prey. In the NBC series “Virginia”, he played an erroneous orphan whose father was a criminal, played by Rory Calhoun, who was still alive and recently released from prison in search of his son.

Russell played the same role as a child named Pucky Curlin in the 1964 episode of “Blue Skies” on the western TV series Gunsmoke. In the story, he works for a gang of criminals, but the Rangers take him under his wing, and the boy is useful when the shooters try to capture Laredo, Texas. At the age of 13, Russell played the role of The Jungle Boy in a CBS episode of Gilligan’s Island, which aired on February 6, 1965.

Personal Life

Russell married actress Sizon Hubley, whom he met while filming Elvis in 1979, and had a son, Boston (born February 16, 1980). After divorcing Hubley in 1983, Russell began his relationship with Goldie Hawn and appeared with her on Swing Shift and Overboard, having previously performed with her on The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968. They have a son, Wyatt. Russell (born July 10, 1986) owns a home in Vancouver, British Columbia; Snowmass Village, Colorado; Manhattan, New York; Brentwood and Palm Desert, California. Bill Hudson’s daughter, actress Kate Hudson, considers Russell her own. Father.

Russell is a libertarian. In 1996, the Toronto Sun quoted him as saying, “I was brought up as a Republican, but when I realized that in the end there was not much difference between a Democrat and a Republican, I became a libertarian.” In 2020, however, he said celebrities should keep their political views to themselves.

Russell is a hunter and staunch supporter of gun rights, and said gun control would not reduce terrorism. He is also an FAA-licensed private pilot with ratings for one/multiple engines and instruments, and is an honorary member of the board of the humanitarian aviation organization Wings of Hope.

In February 2003, Russell and Hawn moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, so their son could play hockey.


It Happened at the World’s FairBoy Kicking Mike1963
Guns of DiabloJamie McPheeters1964
Follow Me Boys!Whitey
Mosby’s MaraudersWillie Prentiss1967
The Horse in the Gray Flannel SuitRonnie Gardner1968
Guns in the HeatherRich Evans1969
The Computer Wore Tennis ShoesDexter Riley1969
The Barefoot ExecutiveSteven Post1971
Fools’ ParadeJohnny Jesus1971
Charley and the AngelRay Ferris1973
The Strongest Man in the WorldDexter Riley1975
The Captive: The Longest Drive 2Morgan “Two Persons” Bodeen1976
Used CarsRudy Russo1980
Escape from New YorkSnake Plissken1981
The Fox and the HoundCopper1981
The ThingR.J. MacReady1982
SilkwoodDrew Stephens1983
Swing ShiftLucky Lockhart1984
The Mean SeasonMalcolm Anderson1985
The Best of TimesReno Hightower1986
Big Trouble in Little ChinaJack Burton1986
OverboardDean Proffitt1987
Tequila SunriseNick Frescia1988
Winter PeopleWayland Jackson1989
Tango & CashLieutenant Gabriel Cash1989
BackdraftStephen McCaffrey / Dennis McCaffrey1991
Unlawful EntryMichael Carr1992
Captain RonCaptain Ron Rico1992
TombstoneWyatt Earp1993
Forrest GumpElvis Presley1994
StargateColonel Jonathan “Jack” O’Neil1994
Executive DecisionDavid Grant1996
Escape from L.A.Snake Plissken1996
BreakdownJeff Taylor1997
SoldierTodd 34651998
3000 Miles to GracelandMichael Zane2001
Vanilla SkyCurtis McCabe2001
Interstate 60Captain Ives2002
Dark BlueEldon Perry2002
MiracleHerb Brooks2004
Jiminy Glick in LalawoodHimself2004
Sky HighSteve Stronghold / The Commander2005
DreamerBen Crane2005
PoseidonRobert Ramsey2006
Death ProofStuntman Mike McKay2007
TouchbackCoach Hand2011
The Art of the StealCrunch Calhoun2013
The Battered Bastards of BaseballHimself2014
Furious 7Mr. Nobody2015
Bone TomahawkSheriff Franklin Hunt2015
The Hateful EightJohn Ruth2015
Deepwater HorizonJimmy Harrell2016
The Fate of the FuriousMr. Nobody2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Ego the Living Planet2017
The Christmas ChroniclesSanta Claus2018
Once Upon a Time in HollywoodRandy Miller2019
QT8: The First EightHimself2019
The Christmas Chronicles 2Santa Claus2020

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