Kim Clement Prophet: Bio, Wiki

Who is Kim Clement Prophet? ‘Prophet’ and Teacher Kim Clement was a senior pastor and spiritual leader of House of Destiny, which described itself as “an online church family.” He was born on September 30, 1956, in South Africa and died at the age of 60 due to a brain bleeding and other medical complications.

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Kim Clement was born on September 30, 1956, in South Africa, into a nation divided by apartheid.

By the tender age of 17, Kim had become addicted to heroin, immersed in the rock and drugs scene of the 1970s. But a fateful night in 1974 changed the course of his life forever. He was in a bar, in the bathroom, with a heroin overdose when he was assaulted and stabbed. He stumbled into the street and fell into a ditch, feeling dead as he shouted the name “Jesus”. Just as he began to feel that life was abandoning him, one hand came up and lifted him from the dead. The hand belonged to a Christian man who shared Christ’s message with Kim. From that day forward, Kim was a follower of Christ and dedicated his life to sharing that precious message.

Kim worked as music director and youth pastor in several churches between 1976 and 1978. These were the years when Kim grew up through experience. He worked as a counselor at a drug rehabilitation center called Vital Link. He also worked and trained children with mental disabilities, focusing on improving their coordination by teaching them music.

Jane Elizabeth Barnes stole Kim’s heart in 1978 and they married in Durban, South Africa that same year. They have shared 30 exciting years together and their five children are a testament to their love.

Kim’s work in her homeland culminated in the co-foundation and construction of South Africa’s first non-racial church, The Lyric Christian Center. This work, established by Dr. Fred Roberts, challenged the racial apartheid system and welcomed all races.

In 1981, Kim came to the United States to assist Christ for the Nations. Between 1981 and 1991, Kim traveled throughout the United States and returned five times a year to help at the Durban Christian Center in Durban, South Africa.

In 1991, Kim moved with her family to the United States. After years of traveling and ministering, Kim initiated “The New Millennium Warriors,” a outreach program based in Detroit, Michigan, which focused on elevating injured people within the City; this eventually spread throughout the United States.

He then resided in Southern California, with his family, and pioneered a prophetic reach called “Secrets.”

After suffering a brain haemorrhage and other medical complications for more than a year, Kim Clement, known as a prophet, died, according to an advertisement from his family. He was 60 years old.

“It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our beloved Kim died and passed to Glory, and is now in the presence of his Lord, his best friend, Jesus,” Clement’s family announced Thursday.

Clement served as principal pastor and spiritual leader of House of Destiny, who describes herself as “an online family church.”

“Many have asked, or may be asking, who is Kim Clement?” clement’s website says, describing it this way: “He is not really an evangelist, not a pastor, not even a missionary, although he has worked in all these areas. Many have called him a prophet, but simply calling him a prophet is not even enough because of the unfortunate stigma associated with that title. Part of the journey to Kim Clement’s understanding is a lesson in understanding the uniqueness of his destiny. He is not a fatal and grim prophet with an apocalyptic prognosis every three years; instead, it is a voice of hope for those who need it most. He is able to paint a picture of fate that inspires instead of frightening those who glimpse it. He has found a way to redefine what it is like to be a true prophet.”

Kim was hospitalized with pneumonia and complications due to his sick lungs, and his body was too weak to fight the disease, the family said. “The support and love they have shown Jane and the family throughout this 16-month journey has been crucial for them to have the strength to resist the fight. We are very grateful and appreciate your continued prayers for the family as we face the next few days. Our hearts are broken, but we cannot mention his passing without honoring and celebrating Kim’s incredible life.”

Clement “fought a good battle, finished the race, kept the faith and is now embracing his great reward in heaven,” the family said.

In January 2006, Clement prophesied of rapper Eminem and horror fiction writer Stephen King, but the prophecy did not come true. “This year, I will raise up Eminem to be a voice. The conversion will come to your home: Eminem. This year I will play Stephen King and he will write for the Kingdom of God,” he wrote in an article.

“Kim’s prophetic gift is a magnet that has attracted a wide audience,” the website says. “He has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners. His diverse and out-of-time perspective has