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Who is Kevin Samuels? Kevin Samuels – actor, known for the film “Imminent Bliss” (2012) and Intellectual Scum (2015).

I don’t know if I should have published it in Romance Alley, but I just went to Kevin Samuel’s rabbit hole on YouTube, and I’m disgusted by his motives. Can we drag his old ass? He basically calls women ugly and delusional for 2 hours, while his twice-divorced ass sits there in a cheap ass suit on YouTube 3 hours a day.

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After about 37 minutes, this FOOL had the audacity to open his account in Bumble and show profiles of dating two black women (without their consent), and he explicitly called them ugly and delusional because of the presence of standards. First, he’s 52, what the hell is his ass on Bamble, who tries to talk to younger women if he can easily get 8.9 or 10 points at her 20s, as he says he can?

In this video, which he posted today, he talks about how women aged 8, 9 and 10 marry 23 (LIE), and any other woman who thinks she is 7 is most likely to be 3 or 4 and remains single forever. It also states that women under 8 should be grateful to any man who meets on their way … Sickening. He keeps saying that if you need to “look like you deserve what he’s doing.” While it is true that rich men have access to more attractive women, this idiot says that if you are not all right and you are under 30 years old, you are not worthy of a man who earns more than 75,000 dollars! It’s not where the high income is where they do it?!?!

Look, I understand that some women have unrealistic dating standards, and that some women overestimate their appearance and who they can attract. But the way this man throws under the bus all decent and normal-looking women, just misogynist and hurt. Telling women to be realistic with their standards is NOT the same as telling them that if they are not perfect, they should be content to be broke. This is not sound romantic advice. What do women get by listening to this mess?

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