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Who is Kevin Clinesmith (MSNBC)? Kevin Clinesmith is a 38-year-old former FBI attorney. He has most recently been involved in a scandal. Clinesmith was accused of forging an email that was one of the key documents in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s campaign.

Kevin pleaded guilty to the charge and assumed responsibility. His lawyer Justin Shur stated in an email that “Kevin deeply regrets having changed the email”. We have gathered 10 facts about Kevin to help you know more about him.


He was previously F.B.I. lawyer and worked on both Clinton and Russian investigations, but left the latter after the Inspector General accused him of writing anti-Trump instant messages, including one declaring “viva le resistance.”

In 2008, he came to DC and served for the U.S. Department of Energy for nearly five years. Previously, he worked in the state government of Michigan, primarily in the governor’s office and the Attorney General’s office.

According to the Michigan Bar Association Lawyer Library, Kevin E. Clinesmith is still licensed to practice law in Michigan.

In addition, he is an avid college sports fan and marathon runner.


How old is Kevin Clinesmith? He was born in 1982 and from Michigan, USA, he is 38 years old as in 2020.

Speaking of his education, he holds degrees from Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan State University College of Law, and the Georgetown University Law Center.


He is a married man, but there is not much information about his wife.

Kevin Clinesmith Jura

Kevin attended Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan State University College of Law, and Georgetown University Law Center. As per the Michigan Bar Association Legal Advisor Index, Kevin E. Clinesmith is not yet authorized to provide legal advice in Michigan and has a Washington D.C. address.

Kevin Clinesmith FBI

Kevin was a lawyer with the FBI’s National Security and Cyber ​​Law Branch and worked under FBI Attorney General James Baker and Deputy Attorney General Trisha Anderson. He took a shot at the Clinton email survey just like the Trump-Russia test.

Trump’s crusade adviser George Papadopoulos told lawmakers in 2018 that Clinesmith was available at the FBI’s meeting with him in February 2017.

An Australian retailer’s tip about Papadopoulos’ claims the Russians had damage data on Hillary Clinton successfully spurred the FBI’s counter-espionage investigation into the Trump Crusade, called the Crossfire Hurricane, in July 2016.

Kevin Clinesmith Mueller study

Clinesmith was doled out to and subsequently expelled from Russia test, he was recognized as FBI Attorney 2. The IG report has been read. FBI Attorney 2 “was inducted into the Midyear Inquiry, Russia Inquiry, and Special Counsel Inquiry. We discovered messages in which FBI Attorney 2 spoke on policy issues, including three text acts that raised concerns about potential disposition.”

The report reads that FBI Attorney 2 was also allotted for the investigation into Russian political decision impedance and “the principal FBI attorney was referred to this investigation starting in mid-2017.”

The report added that he was referred for Special Counsel investigation when it started. He returned to the FBI in late February 2018 “shortly after the OIG provided the attorney general with some of the texts.”

Kevin Clinesmith reportedly amended Russia’s Probe Document

Kevin is accused of tweaking an email that was used to legitimize a court wiretapping approval in Carter Page, a former lawyer for Donald Trump.

November 2019, the New York Times reported that agents of the investigating general, Michael E. Horowitz, “revealed errors and exclusions in records” identifying with the site’s interception, and Horowitz has alluded to his analytical findings against Clinesmith for possible criminal allegations.

The FBI acquired a mysterious reconnaissance order in 2016 to screen the side correspondences, which were never charged in the Russia investigation or blamed for misconduct.

The ruling, which was restored a few times and confirmed by various judges in 2016 and mid-2017, has been one of the most hostile components of the Russia test and was the subject of dueling updates a year ago given by Democrats and Republicans in House Intelligence Committee.

FBI Director Chris Wray has revealed to Congress that he did not believe the FBI’s observation was “espionage” and that he has no evidence that the FBI illegally controlled Trump’s crusade during the 2016 political race. he would not portray the FBI’s reconnaissance as “espionage” if it followed “analytical approaches and techniques.”
Kevin Clinesmith Donald Trump

It is claimed that Clinesmith is also hostile to the best and was allegedly the creator of Trump and hostile to Mike Pence’s writings that led to his leaving Russia investigation.

In November 2016, Kevin sent an SMS to FBI Attorney 1 noting that the cash assistance measure was the subject of an FBI investigation while he was dealing with the Trump Crusade.

FBI Attorney 1 responded, “Are you reconsidering your promise to the Trump organization?” FBI Attorney 2 replied, “Heck, no,” and afterwards included “Viva le opposition.”

He later revealed to IG: “It’s simply the lines seeping through here just about, from my own, political perspectives as far as, or whatever specific inclination I have. Wherever it may be, but it has no inclination towards that way. , that I, I hold up myself as an expert in the FBI.

10 Facts About Kevin Clinesmith

  1. Kevin Clinesmith is a 38-year-old former FBI attorney.
  2. He has American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. There are no details about his wife, marriage and his children.
  3. There is no Wikipedia biography dedicated to the lawyer from 2020.
  4. In addition, many details about his life are not available on the Internet.
  5. According to Kevin’s photos, he has white skin, wears glasses, and has an average height. Kevin has attended Saginaw Valley State University.
  6. He then went to law school called Michigan State University College of Law. Then he went to the Georgetown University Law Center.
  7. He worked as an FBI lawyer for a total of five years from July 2015 to September 2019. According to his lawyer Justin Shur on the charges, “It was never his intention to mislead the court or his colleagues as he believed the information he passed on was correct “.
  8. Kevin is not active on any of the famous social media like Instagram and Twitter.
  9. The charges against Kevin Clinesmith are considered to be the earliest major public work by American lawyer John Durham based in Connecticut.
  10. Several articles have been published by major news organizations about the charge against this Ex FBI lawyer.

Clinesmith will plead guilty to forging a document

Clinesmith will plead guilty to forging a document as part of a federal investigation into the background to an investigation into possible contacts between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

He took responsibility for changing the email, but his lawyers insisted that this was not his intention.

“Kevin deeply regrets changing email,” said Justin Shur, an attorney for Clinesmith.

“It was never his intention to deceive the court or his colleagues because he believed the information he provided was correct. But Kevin understands that what he did was wrong and takes responsibility,” he added.

After it became known that Clinesmith pleaded guilty, US President Donald Trump suggested that similar cases be pending.

“I imagine this is only the beginning, because what happened should never happen again,” Trump said Friday, describing Clinesmith as a “corrupt FBI attorney.”

“The point is, they spied on my campaign and got caught. And you want to hear more,” Trump said.


He has also retweeted several articles and tweets about Clinesmith’s admission of guilt.

According to prosecutors, a former FBI agent sent a text message about Trump’s US election victory. It is believed that Clinesmith modified an email from an unnamed source (presumably the CIA) to prove that the unnamed person was not a source other than the original content of the email.

New developments are expected in this area.

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