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Who is Kelby Krabbenhoft? Kelby K. Krabbenhoft (born December 14, 1957) is the CEO of Sanford Health and Sanford Health Sioux Falls Pension Plan. He has been the CEO of one of the largest health systems in the United States since 1996. After the current incident of his controversial email, as announced by The Board of Trustees of Stanford Health, Krabbenhoft is going to leave his position and replaced by Bill Gassen, who is a former chief administrative officer.

Kelby Krabbenhoft’s early life

Kelby was born in Ames, Iowa, on December 14, 1957, therefore he will turn 63 soon. He is the son of Kenneth and Elaine Krabbenhoft, and he has two siblings. During childhood, his younger brother, Paul, fell from a tree and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After the accident, Kelby played an important role in caring for his brother. Later, his elderly father suffered from retinitis pigmentosa and went blind.

Those events touched Kelby deeply and provoked his professional interest in improving human condition through research and innovation.

Kelby’s parents were educators: his mother, a primary school teacher, and his father, a professor of microbiology. Kenneth’s research efforts and several career opportunities led the family to move frequently when Kelby was a child. His father then taught at Mankato State University in Minnesota until his retirement.

Kelby Krabbenhoft’s Education

Kelby attended Mankato West Senior High School. Then he pursued a degree in health care administration at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. He later earned a master’s degree in business administration from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Kelby Krabbenhoft spouse and children

Kelby met his wife Heidi in Mankato State when he attended Minnesota State University. The couple later got married and has three children: Joe, Sarah and Lou.

Kelby Krabbenhoft’s career

Kelby’s first job in healthcare involved working part-time as a nursing assistant at a hospital while he was a high school student.

Kelby began his career in healthcare as president of Guttenburg Hospital in Guttenburg, Iowa. Her career has progressed through senior executive positions in hospitals and health systems of increasing size and scope, including Sisters of Mary at Presentation Health Corporation in Fargo, North Dakota; St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley, Illinois, and Freeman Health System in Joplin, Missouri.

In late 1996, Kelby took over the leadership of the then-known Sioux Valley Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Over the next 20 years, he built a highly integrated care delivery model – rapidly increasing the system’s geographic research, the breadth and depth of the specialty in his medical clinic and establishing a health plan to combine funding and health care delivery.

The relationship between Kelby and Denny Sanford started with a “small” (in relation to Sanford’s generosity) donation of $16 million to fund the construction of the Castle of Care Children’s Specialties Hospital in Sioux Falls. The relationship was reaffirmed in the most significant way when Sanford agreed in 2007 to donate $400 million to the health care system, which was renamed in his honor. Their relationship deepened as Mr. Sanford was continually impressed by Kelby’s vision – his audacious quest for advancement – and invested a total of nearly $1 billion in kelby-led healthcare system searches.

Krabbenhoft became the president and CEO in 1996 and with his contributions the once community hospital had turned into the largest rural non-profit health system in the country, now spanning 26 states and 10 countries.

Kelby Krabbenhoft’s net worth & salary

As the CEO of Stanford Health Kelby’s salary is known to be $1,123,846. At Sanford Health, annual compensation for executive ranges from $50,000 to $700,000.

Birth placeAmes, Iowa, USA
ParentsKenneth and Elaine Krabbenhoft
Parents’ occupationsMother: primary school teacher
Father: professor of microbiology
Number of siblings2
Marital statusMarried
SpouseHeidi Krabbenhoft
ChildrenJoe, Sarah and Lou Krabbenhoft 
EducationMankato West Senior High School
Concordia College
Minnesota State University

Kelby Krabbenhoft controversial email

On Wednesday Kelby reportedly told employees in an email that he will not be wearing a mask to the office as he had recovered from the coronavirus and therefore he is immune to the virus for “at least seven months and perhaps years to come” — a statement that is not supported by science.

“For me to wear a mask defies the efficacy and purpose of a mask and sends an untruthful message that I am susceptible to infection or could transmit it,” Krabbenhoft wrote in the email, according to the Associate Press. “I have no interest in using masks as a symbolic gesture. … My team and I have a duty to express the truth and facts and reality and not feed the opposite.”

Krabbenhoft did mention that it was necessary for people who hadn’t contracted COVID-19 to wear masks, as he wrote, “It is important for them to know that masks are just plain smart to use and in their best interest.”

Kelby Krabbenhoft addressing the controversy in a TV interview (21 Nov 2020)

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