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Julia Macfarlane (BBC): Bio,Wiki,Age

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Who is Julia Macfarlane? Julia MacFarlane is a British Indonesian Journalist working for ABC News. She is the lady behind covering maximum news on world affairs in the ABC Network.

The introduction:

  • She wanted to be David Attenborough when she was growing up! Yes, Julia Macfarlane, video and TV journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation, wanted to emulate the famous naturalist and veteran TV and TV station!
  • But her interest in the world around her underwent a drastic change after reading a book written by Rory Stewart. It talked about roaming Afghanistan on foot during its invasion of the United States. Let’s go & see how Julia’s life story unfolded.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background:

  • Julia’s family were foreigners in Asia.
  • She was born in Indonesia.
  • Her parents were avid fans of the World Service and the BBC as they felt closer to their own home!
  • Julia rarely mentions anything about siblings or family in her interviews.


  • Julia began her education at Dover Court International Preparatory School in Singapore.
  • She then joined the British International School in Jakarta.
  • From 2004 to 2007, she was at Ampleforth College for a bachelor’s degree.
  • She received her Master of Arts (MA) degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
  • Until 2011, she studied English literature.
  • Julia actively participated in leisure activities and leisure activities at this time.
  • She expressed interest in creative writing, public speaking, debate and photography.

Jobs, Salary, Net Wealth & Careers:

  • Julia began her career as a World News Intern on Sky News in June 2012.
  • She was at their Osterley branch for two months, until July 2012.
  • Her next job was being a freelance planner & producer on CNN, until September 2012.
  • Then, until February 2013, Julia wandered around Palestinian refugee camps, Tripoli and Beirut, creating documentaries such as Field Producer and Camera Operator.
  • The BBC World Service hired her as a broadcast journalist / Radio Reporter until June 2014.
  • After a short break, she became a TV journalist for BBC News at Six and Ten in January 2015.
  • She became a producer for the Political Newsgathering Desk at Millbank in Westminster from April 2016 to September 2016.
  • As a reporter for BBC News, she took on several on-location jobs from June 2016 to December 2016.
  • Currently Julia is a TV journalist for BBC News. Ever since April 2016, she has had both local and international news.

Interesting Facts, Elevation & Trivia:

Julia’s interest in languages ​​led Julia to master French and Arabic (Levantine dialect).
She also loves participating in public forums and public discussions. Lectures on various topics are her forte that have taken her to various universities and media conferences across the globe.
Julia admits that she is passionate about issues dealing with conflicts and humanitarian crises, especially in the Middle East.
She loves to keep up to date with world affairs, especially those dealing with international relations.

Julia sees herself as a lifelong student, willing to learn all she can about global political affairs, no matter how she can!

Early life and education

Macfarlane was born in Indonesia to a Scottish father and Indonesian mother and attended British International School, Jakarta and Ampleforth College. Macfarlane went on to earn an MA in English Literature from the University of St. Andrews in 2011.


Macfarlane began his journalistic career as a freelance photojournalist in Indonesia. In 2012, Macfarlane moved to Beirut, Lebanon, to cover the situation of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, where she was hired by BBC News. Macfarlane then moved to London in early 2013 to work as a journalist and radio reporter for the BBC World Service. Macfarlane switched to TV journalism in 2015 when she joined the staff at BBC News on Six and BBC News on Ten on BBC One. In 2016, Macfarlane covered the Brexit campaign for BBC Westminster and then worked as a reporter and producer for BBC World News.

Macfarlane was hired by ABC News in late 2017.

Social Media

As of January 2020, Macfarlane has over 100,000 followers on his Twitter account. She often shares her articles on Twitter and comments on current political events. She also has over 5,000 followers on her Instagram account in Juliamacfarlaneabc. She usually posts her work and travel photos as well as photos with friends and family.


In 2018, Macfarlane was kicked and beaten in a train by a man who was simply annoyed with her. The incident happened when she got off at East Croydon station in south London. As the train drove into the station, a man started pushing Julia as if she was in the way as he tried to get out. “I turned around and said, ‘mate, I’ll get out at the next stop too,'” Julia told MailOnline. The man replied with, “how the f *** was I supposed to know that?”
Julia tried to ignore the man by turning her back to him and putting her headphones in, but he kicked her in the back. “He kicked me hard – like a football,” she said. “He repeatedly tried to hit me because I did not get off the train quickly. The whole time I was trying to take pictures of him, he was sensationalizing me and trying to take my phone and swing his fists,” Julia said in her interview. Julia and a spectator chased the man to see if they could get their hats off to take a picture of his face for police, but the man escaped. British Transport Police were called and investigated, but no arrests were made.

Julia has been working with ABC since her arrival in January 2018. She is a London based reporter covering all the news on global affairs. She was born on July 6, 1990.

Height and weight

Macfarlane stands 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m or 165 cm) tall. She has a weight of 52 kg, hair color black, eye dark brown and has a bra size 32B. She is of Asian ethnicity.

Education | School

Julia began her education at Dover Court International Preparatory School in Singapore. She then joined the British International School in Jakarta.

Macfarlane went to Ample forth College, from which she obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She later attended the University of St. Andrews to obtain a Master of Arts in English Literature.

Age and birthday

Macfarlane is 29 years old in 2019. She was born on July 6, 1990 in British Indonesian. She celebrates her birthday on July 6 every year.


Julia was born and raised in Indonesia to a Scottish father and an Indonesian mother. After doing our research, details about her parents are not available, nor is it known if she has any siblings.

Husband | Married

Julia has been keeping her love life away from prying eyes in public as it is still a mystery if she is married or not. Despite the information missing from the lady’s affairs and circumstances, one of Julia’s Twitter posts, which was posted back in 2016, suggests that she had a boyfriend in the past.

Although the name of the guy has not been revealed, it gives a clear picture of her short dating story with her mysterious boyfriend. In this case, one can assume that Julia had been in a couple of dating and affairs in the past.

ABC News | Reporter

Macfarlane began her career as a World News Intern at Sky News in June 2012. She was at their Osterley branch for two months, until July 2012.

Julia worked with BBC News as a TV journalist for almost five years since February 2013. She held various positions from a radio reporter, Political News Gathering, to TV Journalist. Not just the BBC, the 28-year-old also worked for CNN for about three months when she served as a planning desk after joining the network in July 2012.

While on the BBC Macfarlane reported on the Syrian refugee crisis, the Israeli-Hamas war in 2014 in Gaza, the EU migration crisis and national and local stories for BBC news.

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