Josina Anderson: Bio, Age, Wiki

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Who is Josina Anderson? Josina Anderson is an American sports journalist currently associated with Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN). Having developed a passion for sports early in her life, she discovered her calling while serving as an announcer for her school basketball team. She also started sprinting athletics and later enrolled as a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina. After graduating, she did an internship at WTEM on “The Tony Kornheiser Show” and “The Donnie Simpson Morning Show” on WPGC-FM radio, before getting her first job as an anchor/sports news reporter at the CBS affiliate in Coos Bay, Oregon. Since then, she has worked for local cable sports shows in her home state of Washington, Fox 31 and Showtime. Anderson received a Heartland Emmy in 2009 for her play about quarterback John Dutton and his wife Terina’s trip to Ethiopia to adopt their son Miki. In 2011, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a national sports reporter when she joined ESPN.

After spending a fruitful year as an intern for several reputed radio news shows, Josina Anderson’s career went in the right direction when she was hired by the CBS news channel in Coos Bay in 2000. She was one of the few journalists ever hired shortly after finishing school. Without becoming complacent in her more than decent new job, and driven by ambition and a healthy desire to be successful, she considered the next possible chapter in her career. She printed out her resume and collected audio tapes from her work to steer the whole country. But none of them created a job with better prospects than they had then. So after spending nearly a year in Oregon, she moved back to Washington, D.C.

The first months in the capital were indeed difficult. She had to live outside her parents’ house and fall back on her job background to work as a personal trainer. During the day, she charged her clients $100 to train them on the track; Overnight, she would cover the city’s various sports teams (Redskins, Wizards and the Mystics) and the georgetown and University of Maryland basketball teams for local cable news shows.

In 2005, she joined Fox 31 in Denver, Colorado. She had auditioned for the same job at the station two years earlier, but didn’t get it then. Over the next six years, she spent the next six years with them and broke several important stories, including NFL players who tested positive according to the league’s steroid policy (October 2008); NFL stars Ricky Williams and Travis Henry test positive for marijuana (July 2008); and Charles Woodson and the Packers agree on a contract extension (September 2010). In her senior year at Fox, she was a reporter for Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

She reached a new chapter in her career by accepting ESPN’s offer in 2011 and leaving Denver for Chicago. The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) presented her with a Salute to Excellence award for Radio – Feature for “Outside the Lines and The Sporting Life: “Chamique Holdsclaw”” alongside Greg Amante, Brandon Lowe, Carolyn Hong and Dwayne Balken.