Josh Bridges: Bio, Age, Wiki

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Josh Bridges

Who is Josh Bridges? Josh Bridges is best known as a fitness instructor. CrossFit athlete and competitor notorious for winning open workouts. He achieved a worldwide victory every season in which he has been competing for more than five years. He designed his own line of original products such as the Bridges Series Rehband Knee Support.

How old is Josh Bridges? Josh Bridges Age is 38 years old.

How much is Josh Bridges net worth? Josh Bridges Salary is Make Approximate $100,000 – $1 Million.

Josh Bridges is neither a fa├žade nor a brilliant disguise, but he has perhaps one of the most extensive stories about his journey to be physically and mentally prepared for any task. He is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated and expectant people you will ever meet, and demonstrates an innate skill to tackle a task with demanding ability and stamina.

Although Josh is praised for these qualities, he has not always followed the straight and narrow path. After an early success in his wrestling career, he lost sight of who he was during his studies and what motivated him. It was in these dark times when Josh was introduced to the Navy SEALs and the catalyst that would make him fit enough to join their ranks, CrossFit.

Once Josh had considered becoming a SEAL, there was absolutely no turning back. He trained harder than ever before, overcame countless hurdles to earn his trident and ran among the planet’s elite. During his time in the SEALs, Josh was still training harder than ever to achieve another lofty goal by participating in the CrossFit Games. He balanced the grind of serving his country, managed to do what he was up to and finished 2nd in the 2011 CrossFit Games, putting his name in the spotlight in the world of competitive fitness. Known for his fiery antics and passionate roar of satisfaction when crossing the finish line after a good piece of work, he has participated six times in the CrossFit Games and has won several events and regional competitions along the way.

Josh’s approach to mental preparation has long been sought after and he couldn’t be more eager to help someone of all walks of life become the best version of himself.