John King (CNN): Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Who is John King? John King is a 57-year-old American news anchor at CNN. He serves as CNN’s chief national correspondent, based in Washington, D.C., and the host of the political dialogue program Inside Politics. He is a former announcer of State of the Union, as well as John King, USA, which appeared on weeknights at 7 pm EDT on CNN before it was canceled.

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King was born on August 30, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s of Irish descent. He attended Boston Latin School and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Rhode Island. John King and his first wife, Jean McKee, have two children, Noah and Hannah. On May 25, 2008, King married his second wife, CNN anchor Dana Bash. Before marrying Bash, King (formerly a Roman Catholic) converted to Judaism, the Religion of Bash. Bash and King had a son named Jonah in June 2011. The couple separated in March 2012.

In 1985, King joined the Associated Press where he began his career as a writer. In 1991, King was appointed chief political correspondent and headed the Associated Press political coverage of the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. Also in 1991, King won the Best Press Reporting Award from the Associated Press Editors Association for his coverage of the Gulf War in Kuwait.

In 1997, King joined CNN where he served as chief White House correspondent from 1999 to 2005. In 2005, King was appointed as cnn’s chief national correspondent, a position he continues to hold. He currently presents a Sunday morning news program (more frequently during the presidential election years) inside Politics, which presents a rotating round table for media members who share their views on current political topics with King. He frequently appears on nightly news programs The Situation Room and Anderson Cooper 360 degrees and sometimes works as an anchor.

King also uses a multi-touch collaboration wall, nicknamed “Magic Wall” or “Magic Map.” First used during the 2008 presidential campaign primaries, it allows it to view and process various drawings and maps related to polling and election results. He and Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall are both shown in the daily view segment.

Prior to the 2009 U.S. presidential inauguration, King began hosting his new talk show, State of the Union, which replaced Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s Late Show. With Lou Dobbs’s sudden resignation from the network on November 12, 2009, CNN announced that King would take over the Dobbs position in early 2010. On January 31, 2010, King announced that CNN’s chief political correspondent, Candy Crowley, would replace him as anchor of The State of the Union. King began hosting his new nightly show on March 22, 2010, named John King, USA. On May 2, 2011, John King was the CNN anchor who confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden to the viewers of that network.

On January 19, 2012, King moderated a Republican presidential debate before the South Carolina primary.

John King, USA was canceled in early 2012, with the last episode airing on June 29, 2012.

On April 17, 2013, King was wrongly informed, citing law enforcement sources, that the suspect on April 15, 2013, in the Boston Marathon bombing, was identified by police and that the suspect was a dark-skinned man. King was the first to report the suspect’s identity, and other news outlets, such as Fox News, soon reported the arrest of a suspect.

John King is currently hosting CNN’s “Inside Politics.”