John Atzbach: Bio, Net Worth, Age

John Atzbach
John Atzbach

Who is John Atzbach? John Atzbach is a leading authority on Faberge enamels. he has made his living as a specialist in Imperial Russian antiques and Given his expertise in the arts and antiquities world, John brought the same dedication and passion into his collecting of Shelby American-related cars and artifacts.

Why is John Atzbach selling his collection? Due to health reasons, John decided to sell everything. The collection of cars, comprising 12 Shelbys and Lamborghinis and 18,000 memorabilia, will be sold at The Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana, from July 10 to July 18, 2020.

How much John Atzbach’s net worth? John Atzbach’s net worth is estimated to be $285 million.

During his collection, John has collected, without a doubt, the best collection of Shelby cars belonging to America, from the existing to date, both in quality and quantity. Similarly, the Collection of Shelby John cars includes only the best models, including, among other things, the first racing model GT350 R 1965, the prototype GT350 1965 supercharged Paxton, the first serial GT350 1966 and 1967 by serial numbers and the first models of 1966. The GT350 convertible produced only four. In addition to Shelby’s products, the collection also includes a large number of vintage Lamborghini artifacts, as well as two examples of “raging bulls” produced by the firm from Sant’Agata.

Over the past two decades, John, a major member of Shelby’s collectibles world, has devoted himself tirelessly to sharing the collection with all the enthusiasts from all over the world who wanted to see it. Unfortunately, over the past few years, John has experienced health problems that made sharing this incredible collection difficult and, in most cases, impossible. John has always felt that the primary responsibility of those who own such historical artifacts is to share these items with others. Knowing that he could no longer share the collection as he once did, John decided that the best way forward for this historic collection was to offer the collection as a whole on the open market. In doing so, he hoped that those treasures would be preserved and used for many future generations. The opportunity to buy such important American Shelby products, which boast such a breadth of range, will almost certainly never be presented again.

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