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John Assaraf

Who is John Assaraf? John Assaraf is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an expert in business growth, a teacher and an international speaker.

How old is John Assaraf? John Assaraf Age is 59 years old.

How much is John Assaraf net worth? John Assaraf Salary is Make Approximate $100,000 – $1 Million.

He is also one of the leading experts in the field of behavior and mentality in the world. It is known that John has helped thousands of people to get rid of all the mental and emotional obstacles in their lives.

John Assaraf is also a bestselling author for the New York Times. His books are all listed on Amazon’s John Assaraf page. I’m sure you remember him from the movie, The Secret.

Watch the video at the end of this article to get a better idea of what kind of person Mr. Assaraf is. (you don’t need to enter your email address to view)


Brain Research & Brain Retraining are two things John has a passion for. He is fascinated by learning and understanding the power of the mind. He also enjoys learning to apply groundbreaking brain research. Through his research, he can devise programs that help people be successful in all areas of their lives.


NeuroGym is the name of the company that John owns and runs. It was formerly known as PraxisNow. NeuroGym is a research development company. It creates some of the world’s most powerful tools and programs for brain training. John doesn’t make these programs just for businesses and entrepreneurs. He makes them for people like me and you, too. For example, one of the programs in NueurGym is Winning The Game Of Money

NeuroGym is designed to help people develop a level of reliability that is unstoppable. John’s programs have a high success rate to help people and organizations achieve everything they want in life.

He’s also an author. Amazon’s John Assaraf Page lists all his books, two of John Assaraf’s books are in the New York Times, bestselling author’s list. In addition to being an author, he has also developed 5 million companies in the past 25 years.


There’s even something about him on John Assaraf Wikipedia and also in Success Magazine.

In addition to appearing on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360, the Ellen Degeneres show, CNN & The Secret; he also appeared with the Dali Lama and Sir Richard Branson. It was in a documentary called Quest For Success. I’m sure you’d remember him from the movie, The Secret.


On January 1, 1961, John Assaraf was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the age of 6, his family moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Monreal is a French-speaking city and that’s why John had to learn both French and English when he went to school. He really struggled with learning two languages. Moreover, he had poor health, was bullied and harassed.

John’s confidence quickly plummeted. He got in trouble all the time. It wasn’t unusual for him to spend a lot of time at the director’s office. That’s why John’s father had to take time off from work without leave to pick him up.

John needed the name “The Street Kid.” He gets his name from hanging out with a rough crowd of petty criminals.

To keep him out of trouble, John’s parents sent him to a Jewish community center. His evenings were spent listening to talk from rich and established gentlemen. They discussed their success stories, how they made their money, ways in which they lost money, poor health and many other things. John developed his strength and intuition by listening to these men and other powerful mentors.

John Assaraf moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the age of 19. He moved there to live with his brother. There he met a successful businessman who accompanied him. He spent most of his time studying. Five weeks later, he wrote his real estate exam and passed. By the age of 19, he had earned $30,000. The second year he earned $150,000.

Two of the most successful real estate sub-franchisers in the world began to accompany him. They taught him how to live a healthy and balanced life and how to build successful businesses at the same time. John got along with them a little later.

John Assaraf read a plethora of books and attended hundreds of seminars around the world to improve himself. He was focused and determined to achieve excellent results in both business and life. Understanding the power of the mind and applying groundbreaking brain research has always been his passion. was a company John had founded in his mid-thirties. This company was the beginning for Internet Virtual Tour providers. earned more than $8 million dollars in the first 14 months. Later, this company merged with

He helped ReMax sell More than $4 billion a year to Real Estate sales employees. He also helped them earn more than $100 million in commissions a year.

John gives lectures on neuroscience of success and achieving personal peak performance worldwide. He also holds several online seminars throughout the year. If you get the chance, join one of his seminars. He’s a down-to-earth guy and easy to understand. I have a youtube video at the end of this page if you want to see it yourself.