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Who is Jimmy Smacks? Jimmy Smacks is a well-known American television personality who rose to prominence after dating American artist Trina.

Jimmy Smacks, who was born on December 16, 1990, is now 30 years old. He was born in New York and reared there. And, as he claims, Jimmy grew up with ASAP Rocky and a few other renowned New Yorkers.

In terms of his true identity, Jimmy is his real name, while Smacks is his pseudonym. Furthermore, nothing is known about Jimmy’s childhood. Except for the fact that before he became renowned, he used to sell illicit substances to make a livelihood.

Jimmy believes he has the smarts to go from living on the streets to making it big. Many individuals on the internet, however, have accused him of being a fraudster.

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He was born in New York City on December 16, 1990.
And it’s strange that he grew up with ASAP Rocky and a few other renowned New Yorkers.

Regarding her youth, it has been said that before being renowned, he used to sell illegal items to make a livelihood.

Jimmy Smacks’ career.

Some believe he is a con artist.
He allegedly used to generate money on the internet eight years ago and refers to himself as an online marketer.
But something isn’t quite right about it.

Seasoned internet marketer, he shot fashionable clothing at the least costly automobiles on social media. He solely makes money from fans, and he claims to make over $100,000 each year on average. He also has a website where he sells adult products.

Real nameJimmy Smacks
Gender Male 
Age 30
Date of birth16 Dec, 1990
Birthplace New York, USA
Nationality American 
Profession Television Personality
Height 5’11 inches
Weight N/A
Hair colorBlack 
Eye colorBlack 
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac signSagittarius 
Marital statusSingle 
Alma materN/A
Parents N/A
Net worth$ 2 million

Is Jimmy Smacks a scam artist?

That’s what the internet says, at least! Yes, many individuals have come out to claim that Jimmy Smacks is a con artist.

He’s a con artist. He steals money from bank accounts and sends it to anybody who has a certain bank – (Anonymous intenet person)

Is that correct? Who can say? In this day and age, most persons that leave in a luxurious manner are labeled as a scammer. And some of them are, in fact, one. Jimmy may be one of them or not.

Jimmy stated in one of his interviews that he used to generate money via the internet 8 years ago. He referred to his previous work as “internet marketing,” and he considered himself an expert in the field. But there’s something fishy about it!

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