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Jimmy Smacks: Net Worth, Biografia, Wikipedia, Age (UPDATED)

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Who is Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smacks: Net Worth, Biografia, Wikipedia, Age (UPDATED)

Jimmy Smacks is an adult film actor and social media personality who gained notoriety as a result of his appearance on OnlyFans. He is currently one of the most subscribed male producers on Only Fans.
Despite its reputation for explicit material, OnlyFans is not a strictly NSFW site.

Despite its reputation for explicit material, OnlyFans is not a strictly NSFW site. On the other hand, OnlyFans accepts content creators from all genres. The site has monetized the work of writers, chefs, comic book creators, and painters.

Jimmy Smacks Is He Single?

Jimmy Smacks shared a video of himself sexually interacting with another man on Instagram and Twitter. As a result, a sizable portion of his fan base believes he is homosexual or transgender. The man has become an internet sensation. Additionally, be aware of Taneth Gimene.

Several theories about his relationship have surfaced in the wake of his sexuality allegations. However, because he is not gay, knowing that the guy in the video is not his lover is reassuring.

When questioned about the video, Jimmy Smacks claimed it was a show of support for the LGBTQ community. He also referred to it as an “off-time experience.”

A new pair appears to be on the loose in these streets! Trina’s ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Smacks, ended their relationship earlier this year and is now dating Mariah Lynn of “Love & Hip Hop New York.”

Mariah and Jimmy’s relationship is still in its infancy—they’ve been dating for less than a month—but judging by the hot clip of them engaging in some major PDA, things are heating up! Despite their on-again, off-again relationship, they are now ready to declare their love publicly.

Jimmy Smacks’s Net Worth

Jimmy lives an enviable lifestyle, from internet marketing to dating celebrities to now creating racks from OnlyFans. Trina’s ex-boyfriend flaunts everything on social media, from designer clothing to new expensive automobiles.

The social media celebrity even revealed how much money he earns from his OnlyFans account in a single week. Jimmy claims that he earns an average of more than $100,000 per month from OnlyFans.

Smacks also have a website through which he sells pornographic products, which helps him earn money. According to his income and assets, Jimmy Smacks’ net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million as of 2021.

How Did He Begin His Career?

Smacks brought his marketing skills to OnlyFans after establishing a strong network on other social media platforms. He quickly grew a sizable following on OnlyFans, as he had done on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Smacks’ music career is thriving, and his acting ambitions are beginning to materialize.

Smacks credit Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and P Diddy as influences, but he finds motivation in himself as well. To succeed, he, like so many other entrepreneurs, relied on tenacity and a positive attitude. He possessed a plethora of them, which aided in his meteoric rise to fame.

Smacks have met several of his idols and have used his popularity to financially support his family. He wishes to leave a legacy of being himself to his friends, family, and followers. He emphasizes the value of honesty and integrity, as well as the importance of focusing on what brings us joy.


Jimmy Smack is a well-known television personality in the United States. On 16 December 1990, he was born. He was born and raised in New York City. ASAP Rocky and a few other well-known New Yorkers were his adolescent cohorts. While we’re on the subject of his name, his given name is Jimmy, and smack is his pseudonym. There is little information about the people involved in Jimmy’s childhood. It has been revealed that prior to becoming famous, he made his living by selling illegal items.

According to Smacks, you should consider yourself to be your primary and most influential influencer. According to Jimmy Smack, you are the only one who truly knows and understands yourself. You are fully aware of your own experiences, trials, tribulations, victories, and defeats. You are fully aware of the hardships you have encountered and the embraces you have received. Each person has their own unique journey and life; embrace them and enjoy them with pride. This does not mean that you cannot be influenced by others, but he is implying that people should rearrange their priorities.

The above-mentioned statements smack of explanation and acquittal. To be sure, he stated that, and he believed that life would be a pretty impoverished place without the influence of others. He continued by stating that Jay Z, P Diddy, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, and Williams all have a significant influence on his life and career. All of these men accomplished their goals on their own terms, without making any concessions. They were supremely talented and strive to be the best versions of themselves. None of those individuals sat back and said, “Enough is enough.” They are constantly evolving and seeking to discover and explore the next level of creativeness. Those gentlemen are not confounded or diverted by the paths they have chosen for themselves.

Social Media Accounts

Jimmy Smacks’ Instagram: smacks

Jimmy Smackss’s Facebook Page:


Although there is no authentic information about Jimmy’s career, it is widely known that he is a con artist. Jimmy self-identifies as an online marketer, a seasoned internet marketer, and previously earned money online eight years ago. There is something about it that is not quite right. Jimmy used to create and earn money from his online fans and followers. He revealed that he generates and earns an average of over $100,000 per year. Jimmy Smack also operates a website through which he previously sold adult products. He is not your typical internet influencer; he is a professional adult entertainer and creator of fan content. Jimmy used to create a variety of clips for female adult entertainment.

Getting Caught With A Tranny

Today, Beyonce’s internet was shaken when a video of only fans star Jimmy Smacks responded to a video of himself sucking the peen of a transgendered woman that was released, then quickly deleted.

Smacks were in a relationship with Miami rapper Trina. They were apparently dating this year and broke up due to Trina’s alleged infidelity. He is rumored to be a (former) scammer. He is known for his wild sex challenges and is quite the lady’s man. Several of the videos he’s shared on his Instagram and only with his followers feature midgets with large buttocks. However, the video (which he claims was not leaked) ‘took the cake.’ To be honest, no pun intended.

He allegedly smashed Akademik’s girlfriend and boasted about it on social media, claiming to have leaked a sex tape of the event, during which he also gave her a golden shower. The dude is insane! To put it mildly. At the end of the Instagram video, he demonstrates that he lacks a type by summoning Lizzo.

How do you feel? Was that too much to reveal to the world?