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Who is Jessica Tarlov? Jessica Tarlov is a perfect example of a model’s appearance combined with exceptional intelligence. Although she works in the media, this lady is neither an actor nor a model. She is a skilled political strategist who brings a wealth of experience to her work.

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Jessica Tarlov’s age is unconfirmed. She is 35 years old. Her birthday is March 9th, 1984, and she was born in the year 1984. Her birthplace is New York City.

Mark Tarlov, the young lady’s father, is a film director and producer. Judy Roberts, her mother, is a published novelist. Judy is also active in the wine industry.
Molly Tarlov is Jessica’s sister. She is a rising actress from the United States.

Naturally, substantial education is required for a successful job. Without a doubt, top educational institutions provided ‘Beauty with Brains’ with the essential knowledge:

Jessica Tarlov : Salary,Net Worth,Wikipedia


Jessica started her career as a Project Manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007. She then worked as a research assistant for Douglas Schoen LLC. Jessica Tarlov studied editorials, books, and data analysis from questionnaire initiatives while she was there. She then worked at the London School of Economics as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. In addition, the lady worked at the BackBoris organization in London as a Communication and Digital Strategist.

She returned to political consultant Douglas Schoen as a Democratic political strategist in 2012. She progressed in this field till 2017. At the same time, our lovely woman made frequent appearances on Fox as a liberal analyst.

Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov

Jessica now works as a contributor for Fox News Channel, however she has been a fan of the network since 2014. She does a political analysis of the daytime and primetime programming on FNC and FOX Business Network (FBN).

In addition, the model works at Bustle Digital Group as Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight. She also owns and maintains a number of websites. She is also a published authoress. She co-authored the book ‘America in the Age of Trump’ with Doug Schoen.

‘Beauty with Brains’ makes a lot of money. Of course, we don’t delve into Jessica’s finances, but Fox News pays its employees an average of roughly $60,000 a year.

Height and weight

When we talk about a gorgeous girl, we are naturally interested not only in her professional accomplishments, but also in her physical looks. Our heroine is no different. Her stunning features, flawless haircut, and long, thin legs captivate us. Jessica Tarlov’s height is unknown.

She stands at a model height of 5’11”. Her body weight is 58 kg. 36-25-36 inches is her physical measurement. With the aid of exercise, the lady maintains her ideal figure.

Is Jessica Tarlov married or unmarried?

The photographs and short postings on Ms Tarlov’s Twitter account provide insight into her personal life. Jessica’s photos with a gorgeous young man emerged on her page a few years back. The man’s name turned revealed to be Roman Kuznetsov.

The duo appears to be in a love connection, based on the content of these images. But how bad is the situation? We have no way of knowing if the lady is engaged and planning to marry. At the same time, the lovely lady does not conceal her heartfelt companion. The duo may be seen attending numerous events and sleeping together. Jessica Tarlov’s marriage may not be far off.