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Jessica Samko: Bio, Instagram, Wikipedia

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Who is Jessica Samko?

Jessica Samko: Bio, Instagram, Wikipedia

Jessica Samko (born June 1, 1982, in Amsterdam, New York, United States of America) is a truck driver on A&E’s reality television series Shipping Wars. Jessica slammed and demonstrated that women, like men, can perform the most dangerous and difficult work.

Additionally, she demonstrated that women can have a strong and tough attitude to match their work as truck drivers. Additionally, Samko is one of the few celebrities who are famous not for her glamorous lifestyle or celebrity relatives, but for her dangerously hard work transporting goods on the perilous road. Additionally, she is the owner of JMS Transport, where she operates a 2008 Volvo 780 truck.

Biography of “The Road Warrior” In Shipping Wars

What TV Show Shipping wars is about? TV Show Shipping wars is a reality show which Follows independent truckers who make their living hauling unusual items traditional carriers won’t touch.

Jessica Samko is a daredevil trucker who is always on the lookout for new adventures. She is as tough as nails and not afraid to tell you why. After hearing her ex-boyfriends brag about their lives on the road, Jessica decided to demonstrate that she possessed the necessary skills to drive a big rig. Jessica established JMS Transport and is now her own boss.

Jessica is constantly battling for respect on the road, in a job that is overwhelmingly male-dominated. And, while she is admittedly not the most experienced truck driver, she will go to any length to complete the job, regardless of how unconventional the methods are. Jessica is up for the challenge, whether it’s hauling truckloads of cattle, heavy machinery, or thousands of pounds of grain. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for with a fighting spirit that is willing to knock her opponents out of the way.

While Jessica resides in Pennsylvania, she spends the majority of her time traveling the country with her two pugs, Wilson and Oogie.

Jessica Samko, 170 cm tall, began her career in the A&E reality show Shipping Wars as a truck driver in the sixth season on January 10, 2012. Furthermore, after seven seasons, the show ended in April 2015. The reality show has reached the 100-episode mark.

Shipping Wars also featured Roy Garber, Jennifer Brennan, Jarret Joyce, Robbie Welsh, Marc Springer, and others. Apart from that, she has earned the moniker “The Road Warrior.” She is currently driving a 2008 Volvo 780 truck in Newark, New Jersey. She is also affiliated with Landsat, a company that provides delivery services across North America.

Is Jessica Samko Married?

Jessica, 38, is married. She is married to Derek Smith, a truck driver himself.
Her husband is the owner of DMS Cargo & Freight. Additionally, she has not disclosed anything about their love life or the date of their marriage thus far. We can only hope that the couple enjoys a happy marriage.
Additionally, we do not have any information about their separation or divorce at the moment.

On the other hand, they have no children from their previous marriage. However, the pair has adopted three dogs, which they have named Butchy, Pudge, and Caesar. Additionally, we frequently see them traveling with Jessica Samko on deliveries. Apart from that, she enjoys riding motorcycles and classic cars.
Currently, she operates her business under the name JMS Transport.

Career and Professional Life

Samko, also known as “The Road Warrior,” rose to prominence after appearing on the reality television series Shipping Wars. She is admired for her tough demeanor and proclivity for dropping f-bombs. She used to work for a port in Newark, New Jersey, driving a 2008 Volvo 780.

She was accompanying her fiancé Derek Smith on a business trip with his Cargo & Freight Company. Jessica made a big breakthrough in the sixth season of the reality series Shipping Wars. She was a regular on the show from 2014 until it was canceled in April 2015. In the show, she was seen driving a 2008 Volvo 780. In 2013, she was nominated for ‘Overdrive’s Most Beautiful’ by a magazine called Overdrive. Samko is concentrating on her own transportation company, ‘JMS Transport.’

Stints with Landstar & JMS Transport

  • Samko began leasing her truck through the company Landstar, which provides delivery services across North America, in 2013.
  • The company has over 53,000 trucks under its umbrella and specializes in assisting customers with unusual items in receiving safe and timely deliveries.
  • Samko bought her own truck after leasing from Landstar for a while and founded the company JMS Transport, of which she is the sole driver.
  • Her vehicle, a red truck with black accents, is a carrier that specializes in interstate travel.
  • She has booked a variety of difficult shipments through her company, eventually gaining enough fame to be a cast member on Shipping Wars.

Net Worth

To be sure, Jessica Samko has amassed a sizable fortune through her career as a shipper and a reality television personality. Additionally, her estimated net worth as of early 2021 is around $500 thousand. Apart from that, she may earn around $1,000 per episode of the A&E television show Shipping Wars for the first 100 episodes of the show’s seventh season.

However, according to, the average salary for a truck driver is between $57,800 and $57,800. Additionally, she operates a solo business under the name JMS Transport. With such a comfortable income, she is able to live a happy life in Monroe, Pennsylvania.

As mentioned previously, Jessica and her husband own dogs. Samko is a dog enthusiast. Her dedication to dogs is evident in her official social media posts. Not only that, Jessica has a tattoo of her pet dog’s facial structure on her arms.

Social Media: Twitter & Instagram

Like other reality stars, Jessica is quite inactive on her social media account, Somehow she has managed to keep it updated. Jessica has amassed 3009 followers on her official Twitter account.

Similarly, Samko also keeps on posting pictures on her Facebook account. But, she is inactive on Instagram.

What happened to Jessica Samko from the Shipping Wars ?

Fans of Jessica Samko from the Shipping Wars adore her because she represents what many aspire to but are unable to achieve. She is daring and challenging, and she will not hold back from saying things as they are.
More importantly, as the tough trucker that she is, she is always looking for a new adventure.

Jessica is a die-hard trucker who was born to drive. Despite the fact that the show had ended, she continued to run her trucking company. Jessica, according to her LinkedIn bio, is still a trucker who enjoys her job.
Her enthusiasm for the job may have begun before she became a truck driver. She was dating a trucker before she got into the business. Her then-boyfriend, now ex, complained about how boring his truck driving job was, so she decided to get into it. She is currently married to her trucker husband, Derek Smith.

Interesting Facts

Jessica remains a person of interest even after the show was canceled. Her demeanor and unusual physique make it difficult to ignore her, especially if you saw her on the show. She has a sizable following on social media.
Here are some interesting facts about her that you should know.

  • Jessica drove a 208 Volvo 780 on the reality show while the majority of the other contestants drove trucks rated less than class 8.
  • She took part in the show because it featured truck drivers and businesses that carried special goods that other businesses would normally refuse to transport.
  • Samko’s 2014 entry earned her the moniker “The Road Warrior” from her fans.
  • Her Overdrive magazine nomination in 2013 earned her a lot of trucking fans.
  • Samko enjoys attending live rock concert shows because she enjoys the energy they provide.
  • Despite the fact that she hasn’t tweeted since 2014, she has a sizable Twitter following of 3000 people.

Jessica Samko is a fan favorite from the now-canceled reality show Shipping Wars.
As long as one sets their minds to do anything, she is the true definition of strength and achievement.
The show may have thrust her into the spotlight, but her passion for adventure has always been instilled in her, and she continues to pursue it even today.


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