Jessica Denson: Bio & Age

Who is Jessica Denson? Jessica Denson (Jessica Baez-Denson) is a former Trump campaign staffwoman who criticized President Donald Trump’s re-election bid on Wednesday, insisting that his team “worked very much against freedom of speech and democracy.” Having worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign as director of Hispanic engagement, the next year she sued the campaign for employment discrimination and defamation.

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Denson lives in Los Angeles, California, and has also lived in several cities in the southern United States as well as the East Coast. She is currently working full-time in a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign where she represents herself.

After high school, she attended George Washington University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish. She was at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and worked at the university’s news station, GW-TV. She was also the presenter of “White House Weekly”. She also wrote for the student newspaper GW Hatchet.

During and after high school, she was an intern at CNN. She received a Gridiron scholarship at GW and trained in “The Situation Room” on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, which at the time hoped to lead to a full-time job with CNN.

Since graduating in 2007, she has become part of many short film projects. In 2015 HBO mini-series Show Me a Hero. She played the role of Jill Wasescu, the sister-in-law of former Unykers Mayor Nick Wasescu, played by Oscar Isaac. David Simon wrote the documentary drama.
Denson also played small roles in Broken Soldier 2016 and La vida detras de la puerta, Hot Potato, Igor and Cat City. She appeared in those roles as Jessica Michaels.

Donald Trump’s Campaign
In August 2016, she joined Donald Trump’s campaign as a national telephone bank official. In order to get a job, she was conditional on signing a non-disclosure agreement, which covers anything related to Mr. Trump, his family, his personal life or his business affairs.

In November 2017, she filed a lawsuit against the campaign of job discrimination and defamation. Denson claims that she was discriminated against, harassed and exposed to a hostile work environment in the Trump campaign, especially after she was promoted to Hispanic engagement manager shortly after she was originally appointed. The non-disclosure agreement requires the settlement of disputes in arbitration, so it moves to cancel the non-disclosure agreement.
In the original lawsuit, Denson alleged that the campaign illegally accused her of leaking parts of Mr. Trump’s taxes. She also claims that Steve Bannon, the president-elect’s top adviser, offered her a job in the unfulfilled transition. Dinson represents herself in both the original lawsuit and the non-disclosure agreement.