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Who is Jasmine Roth? Jasmine Roth is an American designer, builder and reality TV star who is recognized as the host of HGTV’s popular reality series, “Hidden Potential”. In the show, she is seen transforming homes from cookie-cutter to custom, especially her “Cool California Design” to neighborhood across the country through her smart design.

Roth is also known as the owner, maker and founder of a boutique development company, Built Custom Homes, LLC. Her work in the field of business and design has won her acclaimed awards in her industry, including: “2017 Best of Houzz for Design.” Not only has Roth earned herself a place in the world of reality shows, but also in the business field as she is also known as the wife of entrepreneur and television personality Brett Roth, who owns a company called “Roth Staffing”.

Moreover, she is very popular on social media sites with more than 215k followers on Instagram: @jasminerothofficial.

What is Jasmine Roth famous for?

Famous for being the host of HGTV’s reality series, “Hidden Potential”.

Where was Jasmine Roth Born?

Jasmine Roth was born on September 17, 1984 in Virginia, United States. Her birth name is Jasmine Muller. Her nationality is American. Roth is of white ethnicity, while Virgo is her zodiac sign.

Jasmine Roth was born the daughter in a well-to-do future family of her mother, Terry Mueller, and father whose name is unknown. Jasmine grew up in her hometown of Virginia with her siblings. She attended Shenandoah Valley Academy in Virginia and later entered Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 to study business, entrepreneurship and new venture management.

She graduated in 2008 and holds major degrees in Business, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management. She was also a member of Sigma Delta Tau, a national student association.

Jasmine Roth’s Career Highlights

Jasmine Roth initially began her professional career as a fitness instructor at Curves Fitness in Virginia. After working as a fitness instructor, she later became a real estate agent at Metro Realty in Boston and served as an account executive for Profit Recovery Partners. She has held various professions including sales agent, account executive and Interim Vice President of Community Outreach and Employee Activities in PIMCO.
Roth later founded her own boutique development company called “Built Custom Homes, LLC” in 2012. Her company manages the design of new ground-up residential projects in Huntington Beach, CA.
Jasmine then became the host of the popular reality show, “Hidden Potential” broadcast on HGTV. The show follows Roth in designing, remodeling and renovating old houses into new ones. She is also seen transforming cookie-cutter homes to custom, especially her “California Cool Design” to neighborhoods across the country through her clever design.
The show even won the “2017 Best of Houzz for Design”. They meet homeowners and try to understand their design status and what they want as far as aesthetics and also how they live.
She can also be seen in “A Very Brady Renovation” and “Rock the Block”. Roth is also the owner of “The Shop by Jasmine Roth” which sells sets, furniture, carpets and many others. In September 2020 Roth returned with her new show entitled “Help! I Wrecked My House” where she helps families whose diy home projects and repairs turned into DIY disasters.

Who is Jasmine Roth’s husband?

Jasmine Roth is married to her long term boyfriend, Brett Roth. Brett, herself is a successful American entrepreneur and television personality who creates an international employment company called “Roth Staffing”. Jasmine and Brett first met when they were in college where they both graduated in the same subject.

Before they started dating, they moved in together as roommates and at the time Brett had a girlfriend and Jasmine had a boyfriend. They began dating shortly after 2006 and were married on September 7, 2013 in Park City, Utah. In October 2019, they announced that Roth was pregnant and that they were expecting their first child together, and on April 21, 2020, they welcomed their daughter Hazel Lynn Roth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They currently live in the homes she designed and built in Huntington Beach, CA and Park City, UT. She is also actively involved in Habitat for Humanity, volunteering both locally and abroad.

Jasmine Roth daughter

What is Jasmine Roth’s net worth?

Jasmine Roth has very good income from her professional career as a designer and also as a television personality. Having started her career since her 20s, Roth has managed to come a long way, even creating her boutique development company, “Built Custom Homes, LLC” in 2012.

With her hard work as a creative designer, Roth has managed to amass a healthy fortune from her various works, designs, and also as the host of “Hidden Potential”. Her net worth is estimated at approximately $ 1 million.

How tall is Jasmine Roth?

Jasmine Roth is a beautiful blonde lady with sparkling blue eyes. With her perfectly maintained slim physique and her creativity, Roth has managed to win the hearts of different people around the world. She stands tall with a height of 10 inches. while her body weighs about 58kg.

10 Things to Know About ‘Hidden Potential’ Host Jasmine Roth

Houses in the ‘burbs may look almost identical from the outside, but within each house, there is a family with its own style. But how do you get that character in a new-build home? This is where Jasmine Roth comes in.

In HGTV’s new series Hidden Potential, Jasmine transforms homes from cookie-cutter to custom through clever design. She’s knocking down walls and retrofitting every home with the homeowners’ specific needs in mind – because every homeowner deserves to keep where they live, right?

Here are 10 things to know about Jasmine, from her love of job to what she does when she’s not working. (Although, when is that, really?)

1. Her first building was her own house.

Jasmine and her husband, Brett, bought real estate in Huntington Beach, California, and planned to become weekend warriors: They would work their 9-to-5 corporate gigs and spend Saturday and Sunday hustling at the construction site, building their future home, as well as a separate investment property. But they quickly realized they were not making much progress on either house. In 2012 she quit her job to start working full time.

“I gave my message and two weeks later I was in a helmet on the construction site,” Jasmine says, “and I never left. I loved it.”

2.Technically, she started with a tree house.

While her home was her first big job, many little ones helped lay the foundation for this new career. “I grew up in Virginia, and my dad had a general knowledge of carpentry,” Jasmine says. “When you live in no man’s land, you build stuff because there’s nothing else to do. I grew up building tree houses, really cool playhouses, nice sheds, making furniture and stuff like that with my dad in the garage.”

3. Her very first job was not typical.

When Jasmine was 15, she dragged her mother to get a work permit and has worked at least one job ever since. And while most of us took to the staff swinging burgers or organizing clothes racks at the local mall,

4. Jasmine’s first job was … Surprising?

“My very first job was a fitness instructor at a Curves Fitness. I was in the middle of nowhere in rural Virginia,” says Jasmine. Imagining fields of cows and corn, this is Curves Fitness in this small strip mall with nothing for miles around it. These women came in and they had never been to a gym, and I was going to teach them how to use the machines and measure their BMI. What I learned was that it was all about making them feel comfortable. It was about having fun and motivating them. “

5. Her advice: Be humble.

Sure, she’s a boss builder now, but she hasn’t learned everything overnight, nor did she pretend she knew what she was doing.

6. Her house has a dog cave.

Jasmine’s first custom feature was something special for her three puppies: a dog cave.

“Everything in your home doesn’t have to be something that every person in the world would use,” says Jasmine. “It’s good if it’s something you use and you really want – it’s good to tailor it. That dog cave opened my eyes to that. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it over the years.”

7. And it’s not just for man’s best friend …

“One of my friends spent the night there all at once.” [Laughs.]

8.She loves custom art.

Aside from jaw-dropping kitchens (I mean, look at this one), one element you’ll find in every home she designs: full murals.

“Whether it’s a photo or having an artist come and paint a mural,” says Jasmine, “it gives dimensions to a space and it’s such a conversation piece.”

This season also features a piece of art that hides the homeowners’ massive television. “That position could be its own business. It’s so cool.”

9.She prefers function over design.

“I think my aesthetic is less design-forward and more feature-forward,” Jasmine says. “If something makes sense, I like it.” Storage solutions, ftw!
Her designs are inspired by the home owners.

When I meet homeowners, I try to understand not only their design taste and what they like in terms of aesthetic taste, but also how they live, ”says Jasmine.

Take me through [your] Friday afternoon to [your] Monday morning. Just asking that question, I can learn so much about a family, even in how they answer it. Hearing how they live is so important because that’s what’s going to get them to love their home. ” From there, Jasmine goes in search of a (custom-made) home that they love.

10.Travel is life.

When she’s not building or designing dream homes, Jasmine hits the road with her husband who rode the world with snowboards in hand. In the past 3 years, the couple has traveled from Japan to Chile to Switzerland and all over the US. On her own, she has visited several countries with Habitat for Humanity, the most recent building of houses in Romania.

“I make my own schedule. I think it still works technically, but I love it,” says Jasmine. “It’s such a different experience and so rewarding. It’s amazing to be able to reach people in other parts of the world and literally change the life of an entire family.”

She is now working on her dream home … but that’s not all!

“We are building our dream home,” says Jasmine. “We’ve been designing it for three years. We’ve finally broken the ground and it’s exciting and bittersweet because we love our house now, but we’ve outgrown it a bit.”

But her friends and family have a project she wants to work on for **.

“There are a lot of people here who have agreed that they will never own a house because it is so expensive. A lot of my friends and family are in that boat, so they have all charged me with this idea of ​​a community living concept. do it in other cities, but I’ve never seen it done [here]. “

“My friends and family – no pressure – have charged me with building this [community living space] for them and I love it. I think it’s something different and great for our area to let people who take pride in home ownership, but under a million dollars. That’s my dream and I always have it in the back of my mind. “


Jasmine Roth is the host of HGTV’s latest series, Hidden Potential, where she transforms homes from cookie-cutter to custom through clever design. As a practical and budget-conscious designer, she is bringing her “California Cool Design” to neighborhoods across the country and winning the hearts of America in the process.

The Virginia native is the owner and founder of her the boutique development company, Built Custom Homes, where she specializes in designing homes for selected build-to-suit clients and new “spec” builds. Roth consistently redefines “luxury” and has stormed an online cult following for its cozy accents and functional space planning.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Roth found her voice early on and regularly consults other women on leadership, team building, and goal setting.

With a firm belief in a hands-on approach, Roth will customize every home for the family who will eventually live there, carefully considering every detail. It’s this hard-working approach and drive that has distinguished Roth and won her acclaimed industry awards, including “2017 Best of Houzz for Design.”

When not on the construction site, Roth enjoys playing with her dogs, traveling, snowboarding, cooking, and spending time with her family. She is actively involved in Habitat for Humanity, volunteering locally and abroad. In 2016, Jasmine traveled to India with Habitat for Humanity and is passionate about substandard housing within her community.

Roth currently lives in the homes she designed and built in Huntington Beach, CA and Park City, UT.

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