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Ira Glass

Who is Ira Glass? Ira Jeffrey Glass is an American public radio personality. He is the host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life and has participated in other NPR programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation.

How old is Ira Glass? Ira Glass Age is 61 years old.

How much is Ira Glass net worth? Ira Glass Salary is Make Approximate $100,000 – $1 Million.

Ira Glass is the host and creator of the public radio program This American Life. The show is heard weekly by more than 2.2 million listeners on more than 500 public radio stations, and another 2.5 million download each podcast.

He is also one of the editors of the podcasts Serial and S-Town.

Glass began his career as an intern at National Public Radio headquarters in Washington, DC in 1978, when he was 19 years old. Over the years, he worked on almost every news program for the NPR network and held virtually every production role at NPR’s Washington headquarters. He’s been a tape cutter, a journal writer, a desk assistant, editor, reporter and producer. He has filled the role of Talk of the Nation and Weekend All Things Considered.

He aired This American Life in 1995.

A television adaptation of This American Life ran for two seasons on Showtime and Glass produced three feature films: Mike Birbiglia’s “Don’t Think Twice” and “Sleepwalk with Me” and the Netflix movie “Come Sunday.”

This American Life, under Glass’s editorial, has won the highest ratings for broadcasting and journalistic excellence, including six Peabody awards. In 1999, the American Journalism Review declared that This American Life was “at the forefront of a journalistic revolution,”” and since then a generation of podcasts and radio shows has emerged – Radiolab, Invisibilia, StartUp, Reply All, Love + Radio, Heavyweight – building on the style of narrative journalism championed by Glass and his staff. In 2020, employees of This American Life with Molly O’Toole of the Los Angeles Times and Emily Green, freelancer, Vice News received the first-ever Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting for their show ‘The Out Crowd’.